Who’s in Control – You or the Goo?

The Troublesome Trio: Stress, Food and Control

goodfoodbadfoodcontrolDo you ever wonder if there’s a connection between your crazy, busy, stressed-out life and the love-hate relationship you have with food – especially the tempting sweet sugary goo that you can’t refuse?  {GOO: abbreviation for ‘goodies’}

Do you feel like your entire life is spiraling out of control? Are you freaking out because your sensible, true self whispers you really do have control, but you either feel helpless to exercise it {even though common sense tells you it’s a choice} or you give in to the overwhelming craving that’s LOUDLY shrieking your name over and over. “It’s just so hard” you say to yourself, as you hunt down a candy bar, a donut, a caffeined soda or some other fast-food fix. “Gotta have it NOW before I rip out my co-workers throat”, you rationalize!

You feel justified in satisfying that uncontrollable urge for the goo fix! You need it and you need it NOW! You deserve it – you’re entitled to it for putting up with the loud-mouth-know-it-all in the next cube. YUMMY – it’s in your mouth now – you savor every bite, loving the taste of that chosen goo. As you eat, you feel a sense of emotional satisfaction laced with a smidgeon of passive aggressive revenge toward that annoying co-worker {“that’ll teach him for messing with ME”, you snarl!}. 

Really? How does self sabotage have any effect on the oblivious, unaffected nut job in your office? How does sabotaging your diet {along with your health} in response to a bitchy friend’s hurtful comment, or a fight with your spouse, or the job you hate, have an impact on, or a payback consequence to anyone but YOU personally? It doesn’t and you know it doesn’t, but you can’t help yourself! Are you going crazy? No! Welcome to the love-hate relationship of food, stress and control, bundled in one destructive package called “vicious cycle”! How do I know this stuff? Am I an expert? Yes and no! No because I don’t have specific qualifications for this – YES because of personal experience – been there done that – many years ago.  And I conquered it! If I can, YOU can!

Conquer Temptation One “NO” at a Time!

Everyone knows you can’t swallow an elephant, it must be eaten one bite at a time. The stress factor, goo-food obsession, and the control monster {which adds up to the troublesome trio} is no different, you have to take this one bite at a time {or better still one step at a time, so as not to introduce the “food” factor subliminally!} and one “NO” at a time!  Let’s look at some constructive, “can-do” ways to start on the road to conquering this vicious cycle!

Real Tips You Can Use

  • Let’s Start! Decide today that you’re going to break the vicious cycle.
  • Eliminate or Reduce It! What is the one biggest stress factor in your life?
  • Stay Aware! Identify WHO sends you flying to goo-food for comfort.
  • Decide to Change! You can’t eliminate people. Don’t seek comfort in goo.
  • Eat Healthy Snacks! When a stress trigger kicks in, respond – but NO goo!
  • Relaaax! Feel pressure building and tension rising? Take a walk, a hot bath or..?
  • Choose Replacements! What goo do you crave? List healthy alternatives.
  • Just Say “NO!” Don’t give up your power, take control over food. It feels great!
  • Accept the Mood – Deny the Goo! What moods trigger you? List them. 
  • Let Go! Controlling everything and everyone is impossible – don’t even try.
  • Keep Training! A long-term habit isn’t broken it in a day, be patient 🙂

Empower Yourself
Enjoy the feeling of control each time you conquer a temptation

Hope these tips help you break the stress, food, control cycle that may be interfering with your health, your life and your happiness. If this post resonates with you, would love for you to let us know how it helped and the progress you’re making.

Always remember to be kind to yourself if you slip up or have a bad day. This journey to optimum good health is kind of like life – it’s a marathon – not a sprint!

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