Who Says You Have to DRINK Your Smoothee?







It’s 2014 and it’s still the first week of January!  One of the top ten resolutions each year revolves around HEALTH! AND a top priority is WEIGHT LOSS!

The gym is already thinning out {yes I was in there today and looked around} – but those in the gym aren’t necessarily slimming down! 

Getting that toned, slim body you want is not just about exercise – nor is it only about diet {although it’s MORE about the food you put in your mouth than exercise alone!} Are you hearing me?  It’s about 80% what you eat, but it’s ALSO about moving your body too – getting active 4-5 days a week and including some resistance training to tone and build muscle!! 

But I got off track!  Let me get to the topic!  There are all kinds of weight management plans out there – you name it – you can find it!  Some are sensible, some are not.  Some work in the short term, but not in the long term. Some promise fast weight loss, and you can certainly lose it fast if you starved yourself, but seriously is that what you want? Do you really want to lose it and regain it- lose it and regain it like a yoyo? 

NOOOOOOOO! What you really want is to drop pounds, retain your lean mass, burn the fat, feel fantastic and when you reach your goal you want to retain that ideal weight – and toned SHAPE! So what PLAN should you follow!

We’ve got a great one to recommend that will provide all of the above.  It does include drinking some Smoothees that contain high protein and the amino acid Leucine to preserve your muscle mass – and it definitely does do that!  But every once in a while we hear someone say, “I don’t want to DRINK my food!”  Okay, we get that – but do you want to burn fat, retain muscle and feel amazing as you re-shape your body? So are you open to drinking one Smoothee and eating a Shaklee 180 bar for the second meal, or whipping up an amazing Smoothee concoction like the one featured, that you chew rather than drink? Diets DON’T have to be boring , nor do you have to feel deprived, or feel hungry!! 

What you see above was my lunch today! I thoroughly enjoyed the Shaklee Strawberry 180, plus banana slices, blueberries and Greek yogurt pictured above! It tasted great and after I took the last spoonful I felt STUFFED and  completely satisfied. It is going on 4:00pm and I’m still not hungry AND I ate something healthy and yummy for lunch that FED my body with sense nutrition., low fat, low calories, high protein  AND it’s preserving my valuable lean mass.  And since muscle mass equal metabolism, I love that my body is turning into a fat-burning machine!

Are you ready to 180 yourself? We invite you to join us!  We’re offering lots of specials in the month of January {especially for new people} to help you get your sexy, slim body back! AND you don’t have to drink your Smoothees – we have options including yummy Meal Bars too!

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