What Are Raving Shaklee Fans?

What do They look like?
Who are they?

They’re regular people like you and me, or the neighbor next door {if they use Shaklee Products—you can’t miss their healthy glow}.  They may be any age, man or woman, married or single, live in the US or any of the other countries where Shaklee is sold.  They may be from any ethnic background or denomination, from all walks of life, but one thing they do have in common – they KNOW Shaklee has made a healthy impact on their life and made a measurable difference to them and their family. 

They’ve changed brands – fallen in love with these quality health and wellness products, and converted their home to the Shaklee Brand.  Now they are Shakleeized, healthier, saving money, perhaps getting FREE products {maybe even making money} and they’re excited about life. Do you believe that sometimes all it takes to improve your health {and change your life} for the better, is simply changing brands!  Are you ready to take a look?

Our Version of a Day with a RAVING fan!

They leap out of bed, with vigor to take on the day. Drink an Energy Tea, {pomegranate rocks!} then off for their workout routine with Performance {delicious natural lemon-lime or orange} to stay energized and hydrated.

Home for breakfast – a nutrition packed Smoothee! A banana-flavored Physique recuperation shake or a Shaklee Life SHake, {vanilla, chocolate, Cafe latte or strawberry} or an Energizing Soy Shake {vanilla or chocolate} swallow a handful of supplements like Vitalizer {80 bio-optimized nutrient in a convenient strip} or Life Strip, B-Complex {the happy vitamin – for a healthy nervous system and calm energy}, Osteomatrix {calcium and magnesium for strong healthy bones} Alfalfa {anti-imflammatory, anti-histamine, natural all around health promoter, loaded with trace minerals} plus whatever other supplement  they choose for targeted solutions!

Oops!  Can’t forget a teaspoon of Vivix {cellular anti-aging at its best!}. And my 95 year old parents never miss a day!!! BTW, if you took your Life Strip, you got it in capsule form!  Whoop!

They shower with Meadow Blend or Shower Gel {smooth clean skin – no soap scum left in shower}, shampoo and condition their hair with Prosante, {squeaky clean} then moisturize with Enfuselle Hand and Body Lotion and apply anti-aging Nutrition Therapy Skincare System for the youngest-looking skin in town. Then squirt Scalp Treatment on their scalp to nourish the roots for thicker, shinier hair. Then spray the style in with Finishing Spray {no sticky mess – brushes right out} to last all day!!

Meanwhile, they throw their workout clothes in the washing machine with Fresh Laundry Concentrate and Nature Bright {no toxic chemicals in these home care products}. Just clean, fresh clothes with no soap residue left in them to irritate sensitive skin! And NO ingredients to set off allergies or asthma!

If they have kids, it’s time to get them ready for school, to fortify them with a Meal Shake Smoothee {yummy for the tummy} for energy all morning, hand them their chewable multi Incredivites {no artificial anything} for nutritional insurance and their Mighty Smart Chew {Omega Three’s that kids love to eat for brain power} so they’ve got plenty of concentration and mental acuity to learn! Lucky Shaklee kids get a special healthy treat along with the rest of the healthy food in their lunch box – a Chocolate Toffee Crunch {Snack Bar loaded with protein and vitamins} AND they have to guard it with all their might to keep their friends from taking big bites!! {Seriously! Someone needs to tell the parents of those kids about Shaklee Products!}

Then it’s off to seize their day.

Of course they’re armed with a Meal Bar  {could possibly be the healthiest lunch ever with 20 grams of protein, vitamins and only 270 calories} and a Snack Bar  {10 grams of quality protein, vitamins and only 120 calories} to satisfy the mid afternoon munchies {or Crisps for the crunchiest, healthiest, savory snack anywhere!} Yummo!

And just in case things get crazy at work {or with the kids if they’re an at-home Mom} or the wall to wall traffic gets to them, they’ve got Stress Relief Complex close at hand! Wow—they’re ready to take on their day! And their attitude is great—they KNOW it’s going to be GOOD—and it IS! It flies by!

At 4:00 pm it’s time for an Energy Chew {a tangy burst of lemon-lime goodness with green tea in it} for a little boost to stay “up” for the fun that awaits them at home with the family.

Home sweet home!Transfer the morning load of washing into the dryer with a Soft Fabric Fragrance-Free Dryer Sheet  {so economical, easy on the planet and no irritating perfumes}, then it’s on to fixing family dinner!

“Healthy” never tasted SO good!!

Rinse off the dishes in a flash with diluted Dish Wash Concentrate {so gentle on the hands but tough on stuck-on food} clean the pots and pans with Scour Off Paste {amazing stuff lasts forever and sorta smells like bubblegum – but not for eating!}, fill up the dishwasher, add 2 teaspoons Dishwasher Concentrate for gleaming, green-clean dishes, flip on the switch, meanwhile spray Basic H2 Degreaser around the stove {so easy – cuts grease in a heart-beat!} and then to clean off counter tops with window-dilution Basic H2. {less is more with this green clean – only 1-2 drops needed in a pint of water}.

Warning! May need sunglasses! The kitchen sparkle is dazzling!

Next, for some precious family time, a little TV to wind down the day, then off to bed per chance to dream {an herbal sleep aid handy if the needs arises – Gentle Sleep Complex} a couple of Herb Lax and 3 Liver DTX to detox and cleanse and on to the bedtime routine of face washing, teeth cleaning and oh yeah—gotta put on C & E PM Repair {the most amazing wrinkle buster ever!}

Shhhhhhh! Our Raving Fan is sound asleep in a jiffy, rests peacefully all night, ready to spring out of bed in the morning, eager to take on tomorrow!

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