Whaaaaat? How Can You Over-Indulge and LOSE Weight?

How Can You Over-Indulge and LOSE Weight?

Got on the scale this morning with my hubs protesting “oh no – it’s NOT the day to do THAT!” Not surprising he was anxious … I’ve been known to kick the scale if it lied to me 🙂   After spending last week totally overindulging on all the rich “naughty” seasonal holiday foods you can understand his concern! LOL!

Needless to say I, like many of you, had let it all hang out over Christmas … for a week … and unashamedly enjoyed every bite too … but then I had given myself permission to do it.

Back to the scale. SCORE! DOWN 1/4 lb. WHOOP! I wonder how this could be? Was it the ONE day we all walked 4.2 miles? Was it the 3 days during the week I had a shake for breakfast?

Probably not. So what is it? What saved me?

It’s about consistently (except for a few times a year) eating healthy everyday. Its about building muscle mass that burns calories 24/7. Muscle = metabolism. Metabolism = calorie burn.And it’s about choosing the right supplements to enhance performance and fill in any gaps that might exist in my nutrient-dense diet.

My lean muscle is about consistent resistance workouts …. AND Shaklee protein smoothies that provide healthy fuel to build muscle faster and retain it longer AND (along with Shaklee supplements) fill me with sustained energy all day, every day so I can move more and burn more fat. It’s about living it day after day, year after year, so the few times I allow myself to indulge excessively, no harm is done, no weight gain.

People tell me I’m lucky. It’s not luck folks. It’s strategy. It’s intentional. It’s consistently eating healthy, resistance training and using SHAKLEE supplements. They work!

An old saying but true: “if you want what someone else has, you must do what they do”. Let’s get serious in 2016. Eating junk food, sitting on the couch … and popping cheap, run-of-the-mill protein and vitamins aren’t going to give you the results our brand does. Period!

Want 2016 to be your healthiest, fittest most AMAZING year ever? Join us. As a health advocate for 30 years, we’ll teach you what we do … AND it will work for YOU too. Guaranteed!

Contact us TODAY for a simple plan to get super healthy …  a plan that unleashes immediate energy AND builds super good health for the future.

Maybe you want to reach your ideal weight or rid yourself of 20+ lbs? We’ve got the plan to get you there … and keep it off … FOREVER.

Reach out and contact us!




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