Weightlifting Champion Chooses Shaklee

Zach Krych“Shaklee is a
Way of Life”

For weightlifting champ Zach Krych, Shaklee isn’t just a company that sells nutritional supplements—it’s a way of life.

He’s been taking Shaklee products for as long as he can remember. In fact, he’s been taking them since before he was born.

“My mom started taking Shaklee products when she was pregnant with me and became a Shaklee Distributor,” he says. “And growing up, I drank Meal Shakes and always took my vitamins.”

Today, Zach is as big a fan as ever with a long list of Shaklee favorites, including Shaklee Physique® and Vitalizer. He says they not only play a significant role in his athletic career in general, they also helped him recover from an accident that left him with several broken bones and two torn ligaments in each wrist. The recovery period was long and difficult at times for this eager athlete, but he stayed focused and optimistic.

“I try to see the best in every situation. I knew I was not done with my career and I wanted to do everything in my power to come back.”

That he did. About one year after his injury, Zach came in first place at the American Open—and even lifted more than the winners in the two weight classes above his.

In addition to Shaklee Physique® and Vitalizer, Zach relies on products such as OsteoMatrix®, Joint Health Complex*, and Vivix® to supplement his daily health needs.

“My favorite product is Physique because it tastes good, is easy to take, and it gives my body the best nutrition it needs after a workout. And the Energy Chews* are really helpful for the seventh workout of the week; they give my body a little boost.” He adds, “I also really like the soy protein shakes. I tend to take them more as I get close to a competition and when I need to lose just a pound or two of fat.”

“With Shaklee, I can completely trust that everything I put in my body is what is on the label and is good for me.”

Source of original article: Shaklee Pure Performance Team – Zach Krych
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