Vitamins! Biggest Buying Blunders

Have you ever blundered when buying a vitamin? I have and I paid a hefty price in time and money that I really couldn’t afford to lose! But worse still, it cost me in terms of delaying improvements to my health too, which sadly was an even greater cost.

A blunder can cost you more than money!

I’m not talking about impulse-buying a bottle of vitamins with flashy neon words emblazoned on a label, nor am I speaking about pitching a bottle into the shopping cart in a weak moment hoping it’d cure everything from fatigue to cellulite! No, not that kind of blunder!

I’m talking about B.I.G. blunders before I knew any better. Blunder after blunder, such as buying brand upon brand of supplements until one entire kitchen cabinet was stuffed to capacity. So why did I have a full cabinet bulging with dozens of useless vitamin bottles?

It’s not because I’m a crazy health nut with a buying addiction! The reason is that none of them did anything for me. They made no difference in the way I felt and certainly had no impact on my health. If you’re going to buy vitamins, shouldn’t you feel some sort of difference? Unfortunately I didn’t.

I did the only thing I knew to do at that time. I kept searching and I continued to buy new brands and different formulas, desperately hoping something would help me feel better. I refused to give up until I found a brand that delivered measurable results.

Once I succeeded, I stopped buying all the other brands and tossed the blunders into the garbage. I vowed to purchase the only brand that truly made me feel a difference. It’s the brand we’ve been using and recommending for many years!

Let’s just say that the buying blunders taught me a lot and I’ll save you from making the same or similar mistakes. I’m happy to share what I learned. It will save you time, money, and frustration too!

What are the Biggest Buying Blunders?

Misconceptions about the truth and falsehoods of a good vitamin abound. If you have a lack of sound knowledge, it’s easier to be deceived by slick advertising and hype which all contribute to you, the unsuspecting or overly-trusting shopper in making big buying blunders that cost you!

Here are some common misconceptions that contribute to the blunders: 

  • All vitamins brands are alike! (Whaaaat? Like all kids are the same?)
  • What’s on the label is exactly what’s IN the bottle (Often proven not to be!)
  • If it says it’s natural it’s truly 100% natural! (“Natural” allowed if 15% natural)
  • Of course you absorb it, why wouldn’t you? (Maybe because it’s not real food?)
  • No difference in natural and synthetic! (Ever tried to eat a plastic banana?)
  • All companies test for efficacy don’t they?  (No, some just package and sell)
  • Major stores sell them! They must be safe! (And you believe elephants fly?)
  • Balancing nutrients doesn’t matter! (Unless you really care about good health)
  • Celebrities endorse them! They have to be good! (Really? Does money talk?)
  • Brilliant marketing means they’re great! (No, it means they’re really good at marketing)

What to Look for in a Vitamin

Do you know the essential elements of a high quality vitamin? The kind of supplement that is actually absorbed into your blood, so it can build and repair the cells in your body? That’s what you want … one that’s bio-available. 

If your brand does not break down and get absorbed, you’ve been duped! You threw money down the drain, placed trust where you shouldn’t have, and you end up feeling disappointed. People are misled all the time, and it is very SAD! It happened to me once or twice before I was knowledgeable about supplements. Here’s what you should look for:

  • Natural ingredients on the label, with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners
  • Clinical studies that prove safety, purity and efficacy
  • A company that focuses on quality, safety and proof
  • An unconditional, money-back guarantee

Most companies simply cannot deliver ALL of the above criteria. Generally, companies do not perform clinical studies on their products or ingredients to prove safety and efficacy, and certainly not the double-blind-third-party-variety, so they fall short right away. Ask YOUR brand to produce a double blind study.

We’ll make it easy for you to pick the right supplement company! Simply put, we’ve found only ONE brand that delivers results and lives up to all four criteria. It’s the #1Natural Nutrition Company in America … Shaklee of course … the trusted brand.

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