Today is Earth Day’s 43rd Birthday!

Time to celebrate with green, green and more green!

So what did I do today besides help 2 new people remove toxic cleaners from their homes and replace with our clean, green natural cleaners? Not what you’d think!  Not what I had intended, but nevertheless it actually worked out okay – and was appropriate! See what you think!

We always start our morning with a cup of tea! English breakfast tea to be exact, with the milk in the porcelain cup (or mug) first, then the tea poured from a teapot – you’d expect that from a British gal right, but my hubby of many years always joins me in a cuppa (no, he’s never been a coffee drinker!) and at some point during the day, he usually takes the lead by making a second cup – “elevensie’s” or traditional 4 o’clock tea time – no we don’t have the crumpets – too fattening and starchy! On a humorous side note, our youngest grandson, when asked “what would Grandma like?” responds “a cup of tea please” in a perfect English accent!

So I was about to make tea today when I got sidetracked (not hard for me these days) and the tea-making turned to green cleaning! Always a fun and rewarding thing because our green cleaners are not only safe, green and save a ton of money, they also make life fun and rewarding – and we all need some (more) of that right? Plus it doesn’t hurt that we’re doing our part to protect Mother Earth, especially on Earth day!

Just look at what happened next!  One thing led to another in a domino effect! I went to wash the teacups and noticed they were brown-stained and gross. They needed whitening ( you immediately thought bleach right? NO bleach does not exist in my home. Since you can’t enjoy tea in a dirty cup, I picked them up to whiten them in the sink, when I noticed the teapot was dull and stained too (how can you make really good tea in a pot like that!) I was enjoying cleaning with my safe green cleaners so much that I decided to share with all of you – so here are the pictures – let me know what you think!

Our porcelain tea cups got the whitening treatment for just a few minutes with a half teaspoon (a little goes a long way so I only buy it once every 6-8 months) of Laundry Booster and Whitener. I know what you’re thinking and no I did them in the kitchen sink not the washing machine – you didn’t know our products multi-task? Nature Bright not only whitens and brightens clothes but also works on other items in the home, like the toilet bowl – tea cups, bath tubs (love how it cleans the spa jets too) and NO toxic chemicals – just all natural ingredients. Just look how pretty those antique porcelain mugs are after their Nature Bright bath!

While I was waiting for NB to work its magic on the tea cups, I tackled the ancient teapot too (forgot to take pictures of the dirty pot as I was having too much fun cleaning it, so sorry, you only get to see the dirty lid before cleaning it with Hand Dish Wash Concentrate! Wow is it ever concentrated – a little drop will do the trick.  Another safe green cleaner we use every day that costs just pennies per use and really tackles tough jobs like the super-champ it is. Eat your hearts out super heroes – this one wins the prize!

OMGosh! I glanced at my stainless steel sink! It winced back at me  embarrassed to be seen – yes we had neglected it for days – maybe a week? Ouch! Time to put the smile back on it’s shiny face!

 Just look at that healthy clean shine – all done with lots of water and a little dab of that pretty pink paste stuff  you see sitting at the side of the sink. BTW it’s called Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste, lasts us almost a year, smells like cherries and multi-tasks like you can’t imagine! BBQ grills, ovens, pots and pans, corning ware, ceramic tile, water-spotted windows, shower doors and more.

I’m almost ready for my tea when I notice the dishwasher beside the sink is a disgrace! What happened here while I was gone? Outcomes my window cleaning dilution of all-purpose cleaner Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate – the all-star MVP champion of the Get Clean Team.  This guy is a super hero to beat all others.  Named one of the first Official Earth Day products in 1990, this guy has 1001 uses and outperforms all competitors in performance and price – not only in my humble opinion either! Oprah named the Get Clean line one of her favorites and fell in love with Basic H2 on her show a few years back! Just one more word – economical  – one single drop to 16 0unces of water effectively cleans windows and glass and NO ammonia or other chemicals to cause health problems.

So squirt squirt with Basic H window cleaner and just look at my stainless steel dishwasher door (it’s 8 years old and well used too) and BTW check out my granite counters, they also got the Basic H treatment – look how they gleam!!!

Yay – we had our tea and remarked for the millionth time at how amazing our products are while never harming the earth! I got the job done in a short time with non-toxic earth-friendly cleaners and for only pennies – and NO elbow grease needed. The power is all in the Get Clean Green Team. Amazing!

Stay tuned – we’ll bring you more posts like this in the future – so much more to share to help you stay super healthy!

Hope you will join us tomorrow on the Real Dirt on Clean webinar (free) as we celebrate Shaklee’s long-term commitment to the environment by sharing how you can go green with the products mentioned in this blog – AND others you’ll hear about on the event. Get Clean is helping to make millions of homes toxic free – all across the country.

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