Three Types of Vitamins

How to Choose a Supplement


Not all vitamins are created equal. If you’ve read our article on “Reasons to Supplement“, you’ll understand why so many people turn to vitamins to supplement their diets to ensure they’re getting all the essential nutrients required for optimum health. But make no mistake, the vitamin industry is big business, and not all manufacturers have your best interests at heart.

As you know, there are thousands of supplements, and consumers spend billions of dollars each year. Here’s the question – are they getting their money’s worth? Are you?

How do you choose a vitamin supplement that won’t just go down the toilet, but will be absorbed and recognized by your body as as food, so it is used to build healthy cells and repair those that are damaged?

There are three basic types of vitamins. Knowing what they are and how each responds in your body is helpful in making wise, educated decisions as to what goes into your body.

1. Test Tube or Synthetic (Usual drug store or discount store vitamins) made in a test tube in a lab, to resemble the real thing. This is toxic to the body and does more harm than good.

Imagine a plastic lemon from the store with juice in it. This type is the plastic lemon but with NO juice. This is basically what you”re eating if you take this type of vitamin:

  • No enzymes
  • Man-madeInorganic substances
  • Stimulant
  • Side effects
  • Can actually be more harmful to your health to take

2. Crystalline or Extracted (Usually a health food store variety) These start out natural, but are heated through the processing, so all live enzymes are killed. You end up with a partially live vitamin, if live at all. Most of these have harsh binders and fillers, plastic coatings, and some contain tar.

This is the plastic lemon with juice. IF you can get past the plastic coating, there is a little bit of real stuff in there. However, the juice has been heated so it’s not really like drinking it fresh squeezed.

  • Weak enzymes
  • Uses chemical and heat extraction
  • Organic substances (low quality raw materials)
  • Stimulant
  • Imbalanced
  • Harsh binder and fillers

3. Natural / Unaltered (Shaklee food supplements and other whole food supplements) Cold pressed to extract the vitamins, all enzymes remain alive so you get something as close to nature as possible

This is the REAL lemon…unaltered and fresh.
What’s inside is alive and natural.

  • Strong enzymatic action
  • Low heat, low pressure process
  • Organic substances
  • Feeds and improves cell’s health
  • Balanced
  • Contains essential unknown nutrients

X brands need only 10% natural ingredients to legally be classified as “All-Natural.”

Shaklee food supplements are whole food supplements
with no artificial ingredients!