The Role of Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition Maximizes Your Workout

The Shaklee Performance Line
A safe, proven, comprehensive way to get the optimized nutrition you need to support your specific activity and fitness goals. Whether you visit the gym twice a week to stay fit and active, or you’re a competitive athlete, we offer a solution to help maximize your results and speed recovery.

The Fitness Products designed for lifestyle athletes including those in spinning, strength, and cross training classes or anyone looking to tone their body and live a more active lifestyle are featured here. The Endurance Products for serious athletes are featured below!



Are you ready to answer an important question? If so, take a moment to consider your answer! Ready? Here it is!

“If you bust your buns in the gym to get that perfect shape, or you pound the pavement {or treadmill} to get cardio fit {or for weight loss} would it be helpful to know how to maximize your efforts and experience greater gains, by getting bigger, stronger or faster?

And, what if you could do it in a safe, effective and affordable way?”

If you like this idea, we’ve got some great news for you. We’re going to introduce you to the Performance Endurance Pack of sports nutrition products. They can make a world of difference to your training, and the results you achieve in your chosen sport.

We meet people every day who are over training, over exercising and they’re NOT seeing the lean mass gains {or pounds lost} that they hoped for. And they’re knocking themselves out with plenty of cardio, boot camp, or weight training, but not seeing measurable results. We’re sad to say we’ve seen people in the gym that look the same today as they did a year ago! Now that’s just NOT right! We need to get the word out!

You’ve Got to Put in the Best to Bring out the Best.

When you exercise long and hard you push your body to the max AND while you do, you’re losing important fluids, burning up energy reserves and subjecting your body to fatigue and pain. So many people who exercise, go to the gym already on the verge of dehydration, and those who do take along a drink, often choose water, which is great {and definitely helps} but water alone doesn’t replace critical electrolytes, neither does it provide an extra burst of energy to workout stronger and harder. Too much water can even contribute to flushing out essential minerals and electrolytes faster.  Ughhhh! What to do?

Professional athletes, and those serious about their workouts, know how critical it is to stay hydrated, maintain energy, and recover quickly. “But I’m NOT a professional athlete”, you say, “so it doesn’t apply to me. Water is enough for me”. Are you sure?

We know most of you are just regular family folks trying their best to stay healthy and exercise three times per week, but we also know you want to be the best you can be and sometimes your enthusiasm and desire to do well, causes you to overdo it, so you end up with muscle pain, or worse still an injury – or you burn out, get fatigued and quit the program.

It takes more than skill to be the best.
It takes pure nutrition to fuel your body!

Designed for every age group and for every stage of your exercise regimen, the nutrition products we endorse help you get the most from your workout so you can achieve your goals faster – and safer. Shaklee Products have been clinically tested for decades to give you the best science has to offer. Don’t trust your body to empty promises, marketing hype, or artificial ingredients. Do your homework, get educated about sports nutrition products that you can trust.

High Octane Nutrition with an Edge – Endurance Bundle Fuel Your Fire


If you want to exercise longer and stronger and decrease the odds of burn out and muscle soreness, it helps to have an edge. That’s why endurance and energy are critical for everyone who exercises.

Maintaining blood glucose levels helps sustain energy. In addition, getting the right amount of protein and carbohydrates before and after workouts provides essential muscle fuel.

The longer you workout, the more protein and carbohydrates you need. Without these important elements, it’s hard to finish a workout, get the full benefit of your regimen, and maintain the necessary glycogen level for tomorrow’s workout. It is difficult to replenish these nutrients during intense exercise, making your pre-workout snack crucial to your success.

Energy BEFORE Your Workout

Sometimes you need an extra burst of energy before you exercise – something to get you off the couch and into workout mode. How about healthy energy on demand, from a refreshingly flavorful boost! One you chew! Two Chews are only 45 calories and contain none of the artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives you’ll find in other energy products. We call it Shaklee Energy!

Energize + is a healthy option to high calorie, high volume energy drinks and contains the right ingredients to help energize your body and support alertness, focus, cognitive function, and mood.*

Hydration, Sustained Energy and Electrolyte Balance

Even if you don’t sweat like a professional athlete, just losing 2% of body weight can cause fatigue and weaken performance. When you perspire, you not only lose fluids, you lose precious electrolytes to stay hydrated, and carbohydrates to maintain blood glucose levels (which helps sustain energy).

You also deplete your body of sodium when you sweat. Sodium is a nutrient vital to the nerves that lead to muscle movement. In a 1996 case study, a professional tennis player lost up to 3 quarts of sweat per hour in a match, resulting in excruciating cramps. It was found that the player lost more sodium from sweating while playing for a few hours than he consumed the entire day.

To help avoid early fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps,
nausea and light headedness, the body must
stay hydrated to replenish these nutrients.

We recommend you drink Performance Pure Hydration during workout:

Hydrate + … High Performance Hydration Drink — Natural orange or lemon Lime. Whatever level of sport, this is the perfect drink during workouts. This hydrating beverage keeps you from losing precious fluids and electrolytes and sustains energy levels, enhances endurance, giving you the extra fuel to keep on going strong and reach your goals.

Pure Recovery for Stronger, Denser Muscles

The post recovery phase of workout is perhaps the most important! This is when your level of fitness increases. And it requires more than just resting. Getting a recovery drink into your muscles after an intense workout, with the right balance of protein and carbohydrates, is essential to reducing sore muscles and increasing muscle repair for stronger, denser muscles.  You should drink a recovery drink {with the right ratio of carbohydrates and protein} immediately after your workout for maximum results – ideally within 5 minutes and no later than 30 minutes. We take ours to the gym and drink it immediately after a butt-kicking weight-lifting routine. Our body thanks us with faster recovery, decreased muscle soreness and greater gains. {You truly need to try this!}

For optimal recovery, it’s important to maximize glycogen stores in muscles and amino acids to facilitate tissue repair and avoid muscle pain. And because exercise breaks down muscle proteins for energy, consuming protein after your workout is essential to building muscle mass and strength. In a recent article, Ronald J. Maughan, Ph.D., professor of human physiology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland stated:

“Working on an effective recovery strategy allows your training sessions to be maintained with less fatigue and decreases the chance of injury the next time you go out to train or compete.”

We recommend you drink a Physique protein shake immediately after your workout to maximize recuperation, to restore muscle energy and to help build firm lean muscles.

Build+ … Physique Recovery Shake — Delicious natural banana flavor. It supports rapid recovery and repair of muscle tissue by combining 18 vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids to provide the nutrients the body needs for recovery, repair, and rebuilding muscle tissue….which all adds up to less soreness too! Each serving delivers an amazing 10,000 mgs of essential amino acids, of which a whopping 4,400 mgs are BCAA’s {branched-chain amino acids – leucine, valine and isoleucine}.

PM Recovery Complex – Ultra-pure, polyphenol-rich tart cherry extract is clinically tested to reduce post-workout muscle soreness and optimize recovery, which helps improve sleep quality. Also contains our patented Pain Relief blend t relieve pain caused by over exertion. *

  • Ultra pure Tart Cherry extract clinically shown to optimize recovery and reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness which helps improve sleep quality*
  • Relieves pain cause by overexertion*

Performance Sports Nutrition products help provide your body what it needs before, during, and after workouts. Natural ingredients you can trust, with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Shaklee Pure Performance® Guarantee

  • 100% guaranteed to be safe and free from banned substances.
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Gluten free, non-GMO, star-K kosher.
  • Powered by nature, proven by science.
  • Shaklee Pure Performance Athletes have earned 144 gold, silver, and bronze medals. They count on Shaklee for purity and performance.

Safe, Proven, 100% Guaranteed.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.
That’s PURE performance.