Swap Brands™

Simply Switch! Surround Yourself with Health!


Sometimes all it takes to improve your health and lifestyle for the better is as easy as changing the brand of products you’re already buying. How can that be, you ask? Well, let me tell you, it was that way for us. Converting our home to Shaklee products enhanced our life in multiple ways.

If you haven’t read our blog post “A Day with a Raving Shaklee Fan”, we suggest you take a few minutes to read it now, so you can understand what we mean!

We make it very easy for you to get your health products AND to save. Simplified one-stop-shopping! Download our “Swap-Out” flyer Which Products Do You Use.

  • Print the page, then check off all the products you currently use in your home
  • Identify the name of comparable Shaklee Product {conveniently listed alongside}
  • When you run out of something, simply replace it with the Shaklee equivalent!
  • Use this handy sheet to create your convenient shopping list

Living Healthy is a Daily Choice. A Life You Create Every Day

Healthy living encompasses all aspects of wellness. It’s reaching and maintaining your ideal weight, it’s making healthy nutrition choices which include choosing supplements that you can trust to work and are safe. It’s staying active. It’s using the right beauty products that are healthy and free of questionable ingredients. It’s creating the safest, healthiest, greenest home on the planet by eliminating toxic chemicals in your home. It’s being financially well too.

Healthy living is about life in balance so you’re free to enjoy the lifestyle you imagine. You deserve that!

That’s Why Shaklee Products Were Created for You

Discover America’s finest health and wellness products. They help make life better.

Our consulting is complementary. Contact us to request an appointment! We’ll help you select the very best options for the healthy life you envision. You can choose:

  • 1 One of our standard home conversion packs, or
  • 2 Design your own personalized conversion pack.

Another Good Reason to Switch Brands to Shaklee?

We think you’ll experience multiple health benefits and big savings in your household budget. In fact we think you’ll love our products SO much you’ll just have to share your excitement with everyone you know!


When you refer family and friends to your favorite grocery store or health food store, does that store reward you for the new business you sent their way? We think not!

Well maybe it’s time to make a change and switch to a brand that values your referrals, and rewards you for taking time to tell a friend.

We value and reward our clients for referring new business. You can even earn back the cost of your products every month for using our brand and referring others. It’s such a rewarding program. Why buy products when they can be essentially free? If this concept interests you, hit the “contact me” tab and request details.

Think about it and give it a whirl – you’ll never regret it!