Super Scrumptious Smoothies!

Sensational Smoothies






Welcome to the Smoothie Solution

We might actually call it the Smoothie Revolution because everywhere you go there’s talk of healthy smoothie drinks and a bazillion recipes to whip up, so you never get bored of the same-old-samo! Mix it up with water and fruit, whiz it up with milk, almond milk, coconut milk or any number of fruit juices.  Add fruit – add your choice of veggies and goodness alone knows what else – nuts and seeds and other healthy nutrient-dense foods.  The only limit is your own imagination!

Scrumptious Fast Food

So here’s our advice – join in the fun! There’s no better “fast food” choice than a delicious, nutritious smoothie. The healthy combination of liquid, fruit and veggie source is up to you. All you need is a blender {we LOVE our Vita-Mix} But wait ….. you’re not done yet!

YOUR super-healthy sensational smoothies simply MUST contain some high quality protein powder. Protein is essential to EVERY single cell in the human body. Protein helps curb appetite, stabilizes blood sugar swings and help you feel full and provides energy too.  But here’s the question we know you have … what protein source should you choose?

At GSH We Have Something for Everyone!

I mean we’ve got you covered!  We totally understand that you’re an individual and your taste is uniquely you.  You have different wants and needs of course – and so you should! We get that!  Some of you want Non-GMO Soy Protein or a Whey-based protein, while others may prefer a milk-derived source or a combination of protein powders.

Fantastic Flavors to Tantalize Your Taste Buds!

Does everyone want plain old vanilla? Of course not – how boring is that! Some may hanker after chocolate, or banana, or mango, or cafe latte or strawberry!  And someone else might rather have PLAIN protein with zero carbohydrates!   Never fear!  It’s one of the reasons we love our brand partner Shaklee – they’ve thought of everyone! Once again, we’ve got you covered!

Shaklee Protein PowdersNO artificial colors, flavors, sugars or preservatives!

Protein Power Up! Something for Everyone!
Fast food.  No Guilt.

Click the links below for details on all Shaklee high quality protein mixes.

Energizing Soy Protein and Instant Protein Soy Mix {carbohydrate-free}
Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothees
Shaklee Physique
Shaklee Meal Shakes

Whip One Up TODAY!





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