Super Healthy Kids

The next generation of children deserve to be happy, super healthy and confident!

Are your kids staying super healthy during these challenging times?

As parents and grandparents we know all about the challenges we adults face, don’t we? After all, we have our own issues, concerns and fallout from the extended Covid-19 lock down mandates. Whether young or old, each of us have felt the impact in one way or another with health concerns, loss of income, or worry about the future. We know how we feel, we understand what’s caused us to feel the way we do, so we can express our emotions, identify the source and deal with it as best we can, but there’s no denying one thing—additional stress has entered family life.

Do you realize the kids in our families are also very aware that things are different, and more difficult during this pandemic?

Life for our precious children has changed from the norm they knew. There may be some confusion, fear and stress as a result. Whether they show it and express outwardly, or keep it inside, they do pick up and feel vibes from others—especially those conveyed by their parents, but also what they sense from the media around them.

Please be sensitive as to what they see and hear from you. Be intentional as to what they are hearing from TV news and conversations you have with other adults when they’re around. Regardless of what you are feeling, communicate a positive message to your kids—one that rings of confidence and reassurance that all will be well. That this too shall pass.

Be aware that children also suffer from stress even though they may not reveal it. Stress also depletes critical nutrients that keep the body healthy. The nutritional needs of kids increase in times of prolonged distress and duress. When they are cloistered inside with faces glued to devices, when they lack physical activity and play dates with their friends, there is a greater need for good nutrition—healthy food, protein. vitamins and minerals and ongoing hydration.

So parents, teach your youngsters (and teenagers too) to eat healthy, balanced meals. Encourage walks and playtime out in the fresh air and sunshine. And provide time for healthy interaction with their friends.

Last but by no means least, provide children with the right supplements to help fill in any gaps in their diet, and to satisfy the proper requirements for protein, vitamins and minerals.

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