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Why We Shaklee: Janine and Greg’s Story


“When several people in my family were diagnosed with gluten intolerance I sought to find quality products that were truly gluten-free and Non-GMO”

“A Healthy & Pain Free Life is possible for everyone! While talking with one of my clients (Anthea Tripp) I mentioned that I was looking for a house warming gift for one of my daughters who described as a “Green Goddess” in an Austin Woman magazine article. Anthea suggested Shaklee’s Healthy Home Pack. All my daughters were raised recognizing the value of good nutrition and a healthy awareness of environmental concern…now they know the value of Shaklee’s incredible cleaning products.

Through over 30 years as a licensed health care provider, I had been introduced to and had distributed many nutrition related products. When several people in my family were diagnosed with gluten intolerance I sought to find quality products that were truly gluten-free and Non-GMO. During my research I was impressed by the fact that Shaklee’s emphasis has always been on the purity and potency of their products as well as a commitment to ensure the safety and good health of those who use any of their products.

I had tried for years to encourage my husband to take vitamins and mineral supplements, but he never felt the need like I did. He had diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and was on tons of medication. I used to set up his medication box and started breaking open a Vitalizer strip to mix with his medications without telling him. Less than 2 months later for some reason he became suspicious and asked if I was giving him those “Shaklee” vitamins. When I asked why, he explained that he noticed a difference in his energy level and a general sense of well being! He finally believed the difference that I was experiencing in my health. After he had gastric bypass surgery, he developed mal absorption syndrome, anemia and still had hypertension. He will tell you now that Shaklee’s protein powder and the supplements he now takes made a remarkable difference in the recovery of his health.

We enthusiastically Shaklee-ized our home and share the blessing of the Shaklee Effect with everyone we can. I recently sold my Massage Therapy Clinic and have semi- retired into my Shaklee business!” Janine and Greg

Why I Shaklee: Chandra’s Story

“My Shaklee income has helped fill in the gaps through tough economies!”

My story is a bit different from most others. You see I was raised in a Shaklee family and a Shaklee business. Growing up, thanks to Shaklee, I enjoyed good health and learning what the lifestyle of having two entrepreneurial parents meant. It was never a question, I was going to college. But after college, rather than build my own business, I wanted to experience Corporate Life, you know be a CEO or something {riiiight}. It’s not that I didn’t want the Shaklee business or lifestyle, it was more that I knew it was there as a Plan B and extra source of income while I pursued a J-O-B first.


Fast Forward 20+ years later and I now have a thriving business just by sharing these amazing products with friends and teaching them how to get their products for FREE. My Shaklee income has helped fill in the gaps through tough economies, pay for my own products {yep, I’ve NEVER paid out of pocket for my products} and extra stuff {like extra mortgage payments and fun family vacations}. With my son soon to be in kindergarten I’m finding that the drive to continue moving up the corporate ladder is waning, while my drive to be a MOMpreneur on my terms is growing. I love that I’ve been able to passively grow my business at my pace. This business is something anyone can do at whatever level they want. Shaklee rocks and the opportunity it presents for so many other moms is truly life changing. Chandra


Why I Shaklee: Ling’s Story

” I wanted great memories with my family, not just more stuff!”

My story started when I decided to be a stay at home mom. I had a very nice career in technology but couldn’t stand spending just 2 hrs a day with my 2.5 yr old and seeing my health and husband’s health go bad. Ed has been able to control his type 2 diabetes but I desired more. I wanted great memories with my family, not just more stuff. I quit and after 2 years of being at home and seeing the market crash, I was faced with some tough decisions. Go back to work or use my entrepreneurial background and find another way. Enter Shaklee…

At first I was so drawn in by the cleaning products. Being a stay at home mom meant that I am my family’s EPA. I was always looking for non toxic cleaners that actually worked. All I did was switch brands and tell my friends about them. If I could earn them for free and have the potential to build a thriving business that would help pay for my kids activities, even better! I’m glad to say that I haven’t paid for laundry detergent in five years and I have been able to pay for things like piano lessons and preschool. Now I am paying for my husband’s new car and vacations!

I am also my family’s chef and nutritionist so Shaklee also has helped me support my family in building better health. We have better immune systems during the cold and flu season as well as allergy season. Shaklee has provided us with quick meals on the go as well as healthy alternatives to the conventional sports nutrition products. The best thing about my Mompreneur journey is that I have not only been able to be a wife, mom, Cheng family CFO, EPA and Nutritionist but also help other moms do the same. Helping others leave a healthy legacy is so rewarding! Ling

Why I Shaklee: Serena’s Story

“As an attorney with my own thriving Legal practice, I wasn’t looking for another business!”

I sat through a Shaklee presentation out of concern for what a long-time friend had gotten herself into. Although initially a skeptic, I was impressed with history of the company and the science behind the products. I came home from that presentation willing to give the products a try.

As an attorney with my own thriving legal practice, I wasn’t out looking for a second business. But once I learned of FREE products that could improve our health and lifestyle? And not just any free products, but TOP-NOTCH ones backed by a 100% guarantee? And not just free for one time, but on a monthly basis delivered to my front door? Sign me up!

But first, I needed to get my family on board with me, and that mean TESTING the products. The science and effectiveness was proven quickly. Keeping a clean house is difficult with 3 young children, but now even the kids know to reach for the Shaklee Basic H under the sink no matter where and how big the mess. We decided that we needed to try a Shaklee nutrition regimen and the results speak for themselves. The steroid cream my husband used for serious eczema flare-ups was banished from our home and he hasn’t visited the dermatologist since (4 years and counting.) Those once a month cramps that send my husband running? History! Then there’s the cat allergies of one of the kids we discovered after we got 3 cats – those don’t bother our son at all now. Our health benefits are innumerable!

Really, I’m like other moms who want to create a healthy and safe environment for my family – and if I can bring along a few other moms with me for those FREE products? Let’s go MOMpreneurs! Serena

“It’s like Christmas everyday when you Shaklee!”
“It’s like Christmas everyday when you Shaklee!”

Why We Shaklee: Chuck & Anthea’s Story

“We were stressed-out realtors with failing health!”

We definitely weren’t looking for a home business! Chuck and I were stressed-out Realtors, working 24/7 in a depressed housing market. Zero sales equal no income!! No money to pay the never-ending pile of bills. I felt helpless, hopeless and fearful for the future. Chuck felt like a failure. What would happen to us? Combine that with a bazillion health problems between the two of us, that ranged from exhaustion to auto-immune disease, allergies and bursitis and you can see why a home business wasn’t on our radar. We lived in survival mode and all we wanted was to get healthy and feel healthy again!

When a friend shared Shaklee with us, it was the promise of better health that GOT my attention {a free car grabbed Chuck’s attention} but it was HOPE for a better life that compelled us to start up the business. What if we really could get healthy, create a sustainable, growing income, and over time build a dream lifestyle working from home part-time? It was that vision that inspired us to take daily action. Shaklee’s incredible nutrition products quickly restored our family’s health, and oh joy, soon the monthly checks increased from $1000, to $5,000 and then over 5 years to $10,000. Finally we could breathe again and our family was thriving.

A note from Anthea: “I found “myself” in Shaklee!”

“Today, I love my life, who I am and what I do. I’m an Entrepreneur, I work at home and I don’t sacrifice family time or my role as a Mom and Grandma. I’m passionate about helping families get healthy and live the life they dream. It’s a worthy cause that truly changes lives. The best part of all? My life is enhanced with purpose and a deep sense of fulfillment.”

Anthea Tripp

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