Stop! You’re killing me!

Of course, I don’t mean you’re literally killing me, because I won’t let you do that to me. I won’t let you take my life, or endanger my health. When I see the threat coming, I’ll remove myself from you …. and your deadly habit. I’ll escape your lethal second hand smoke, because I know the dangers, I know the stats, and I’m not into gambling with my health because you choose to risk yours. 

I won’t appease you, or please you or suffer in silence. I’ll get away from your smoke and you.

Speaking figuratively, it just kills me to see you smoking. To watch you puffing on that cigarette, inhaling smoke and chemicals when you MUST know the immediate and long-term risks you’re embracing. The toll it’s taking on your beautiful body.

You’re playing Russian roulette with your life .. and I’m sad about that! Life is precious. Undoubtedly you are precious to someone …. to those who love you.

 Stop smoking!

According to heart disease expert Dr. Richard N Fogoros, “Smoking tobacco is the strongest risk factor for developing heart disease. In fact, the risk of having a heart attack is six times higher in smokers {both men and women} than in people who never smoked. World-wide, smoking is thought to account for almost 40% of first heart attacks.

Not only does smoking cause heart disease, but once you develop heart disease, continuing to smoke makes it much worse, much faster.”

Stop smoking now!

Many of the adverse affects of smoking occur immediately after you light up, so the chance of having an acute heart attack is reduced within 24 – 48 hours after your last cigarette. Not only should you quit smoking, you should quit smoking ASAP!

Do it for YOU and do it for THEM!

Those who love you want you to live a long healthy life. And you want your loved ones to do the same. Your second-hand smoke affects their health adversely. Don’t smoke around them!  Secondhand smoke kills 42,000 nonsmokers a year in US.

It’s American Heart Month. Get help to stop smoking.

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