Start Where You Are ~ Move Forward from There

Whether You’re Fat, Fit, Firm or Flabby
Remember – You Are FABULOUS!

start where you are Hey Handsome!
Hello Gorgeous!

Yes we’re talking about YOU guys and gals – and we want you to know you are amazing – just the way you are! 

It’s interesting that we humans are all so alike ..and yet we’re each very different.

My Mom has expressed the words below many times in describing similarities and differences in the appearance of people.

“Two eyes, one mouth, one nose ….
But oh what a difference in a face!”

A simple little comment but it’s very true isn’t it? We all have facial features, but the shapes, sizes and the way they’re arranged on our face, makes all the difference in our looks, right? It’s what gives us our individuality and unique appearance.

Likewise, people come in many body shapes and sizes. You only have to look around!  See these folks in the picture below? These are all ELITE Olympic athletes, yet look at the differences!

elite olympic athletes

Photo Source: artist Howard Schatz

We humans are quite remarkable aren’t we? Some of us are tall and thin, some are short and chunky. Others are straight up and down, while some are curvy. Some are firm while some are flabby (did I just say that?). Have you noticed that no matter what your shape and size, someone has already stereotyped you?

Fruit Body Shapes

Fruit Body Shapes

You’ve been lumped into a category of a “fruit” or a “geometric” shape – based solely on your body type, with no regard to any other wonderful attribute you may possess? 

Crazy but true! How does this grab you? You could be a triangle, circle, diamond, square, or an oval!  You might be likened to an apple, a pear, a banana or even an hourglass! Charming!

If you’re like most people, no matter how greatly you’ve been blessed, with regard to body type or shape, you probably wish you could change something about yourself.  Maybe you want to improve the way your body looks – to firm up, or trim down, get leaner and lighter, or it could be you’re someone who wants to gain some muscle weight and beef up.

Perhaps you’re happy with the way you look BUT not the way you feel. Could be you look great, but have no energy or you’re struggling with fatigue or a chronic disease. Each of us desires something  different, and /or better for ourselves – we rarely use the word “content” to describe our state of being.

Desire for Good Health ~ a Common Trait

No matter what your current shape and size or how greatly you wish to change your appearance, we hope that optimum health is a top priority for you, because what WE know and understand about looking and feeling great, is that it all stems from basic good health.  Bottom line – if you address your health, everything else falls into line.  Do YOU agree?  Are you ready to focus on getting healthy?  Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help, so let’s go…………

You start where you are

Don’t wait until all the stars line up! No waiting for the perfect time! It will never come. Get started where you are! Take a good look at yourself right now. Where are YOU in your health journey?  It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re fat or skinny, firm or flabby, young or old, male or female, apple or pear, square or triangle.   What matters to us is that whatever it is you wish to change about your fatness, your fitness or your future health, we KNOW you can DO it with our help … and we WANT to help.

First we need YOUR cooperation. Take a serious look at yourself. Accept where you are right now, then decide where you want to go and we’ll help you get there – one step at a time.

What health goal do you most want to accomplish right now?
What are you currently doing to make that a reality?

Are you willing to accept our experienced coaching?

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a healthier life for the rest of your life, we suggest you fill out the GSH Health Quiz and submit it to us for a complimentary consultation to discuss a personalized plan to turnaround your health.  We’ll support your efforts every step of the way and the only investment is in the health products we recommend. We charge no consultation fees. We’d rather you invest your hard-earned dollars in a few key nutritional supplements to expedite your turnaround.

Ready for Your Health Turnaround?
Click on the Health Quiz
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