Special Offer for our Veterans, Including Active Military

Special Offer for Veterans, Including Active Military

11081032_10152847070787897_6725916251463120791_nIf you’re a veteran, retired or active duty, we want to thank you for your service and honor you with this special ongoing offer. Also available to military spouses.

Chuck and I {Founders of GetSuperHealthy.com} are retired Air Force.  We have lived the military life and we loved it. We loved the service, the mission and our country. We enjoyed many assignments to different countries and we valued the friendships and sense of family and military community while serving away from home.

In other words, we “get” you. We understand your commitment to duty and honor to your country. We also understand the tremendous sacrifices made daily in the course of your service. It’s our pleasure to salute you and honor you with a great special and solid opportunity offered by our amazing parent company.

A number of years ago, after military retirement, we sought improved health and a supplemental stream of income. Aligning with this company changed our life in many positive ways, and for years we’ve helped others on the road to success. Now we’re offering it to you.

We invite you to read the following stories from
military families who benefited from this offer:

“We are a military family who took advantage of the offer and have been blessed in multiple ways! I am a mom of four who found herself in a pretty desperate place last fall while PCS’ING (moving) from Fort Drum, NY to Fort Eustis, VA. It was then that I took advantage of this very offer. With the help of my amazing sponsor, I started using Shaklee healthy home products and nutritional supplements which I believe have helped my children feel healthier.  I tried the Shaklee 180® program and lost over 12 pounds*.  I feel amazing; I like to say I got my “me” back. After that, I couldn’t help but feel obligated to share this knowledge with others, as it has changed my life and it is a gift! I have since upgraded to Gold, so I can take advantage of those benefits. I am a teacher and am in the process of transferring my certification from NY to VA, and this opportunity has given me the ability to build a second career I can take with me. I am beyond blessed, and thus far everyone I am working with has taken advantage of this offer too!” – Amanda Gonzalez, Distributor, VA

“My daughter who is a business builder herself and also is in the Air Force got the special for her boyfriend who is also Air Force.  He is spreading the word about Shaklee to his family and friends in Puerto Rico.  Also my daughter just sent in proof of military employment for another Airman last week.  It’s a great thank you to our current military and veterans!” – Julie Curtis, Senior Director, OH

For more information and insight, you can read our story here. If this sounds like something that’s a fit for you, we highly recommend you contact us so we can share more details and answer all your questions.

Veteran’s Day – November 11, 2016



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