June Tune-Up Challenge

June Tune-Up Challenge

4week makeover2Shake-Up and Shape-Up … June 2 thru June 30, 2015

 No June gloom allowed – it’s time to sparkle!
Guys and gals! Get ready for your Summer makeover!

Imagine this! You’ll be THAT one on the beach …. the one everyone else envies! The one sporting a healthier, leaner version of beautiful … or handsome! The one who’s sparkling with recharged energy, vigor and confidence.

Firmer Slimmergraphic GSHWhat did you say? Are you talking to ME? Yes YOU! It’s me {Anthea} and I’m calling your name! Come join our fun-filled, energy-packed, shake-it-up and shape-it-up challenge! It’s a four-week, simple-to-follow plan to shake up your metabolism and shape up your body. It’s healthy! It’s all-natural! It’s affordable for anyone! Follow your personalized program and you’ll kick start an energy-filled, healthy, renewed you that you’ll love to show off … at work … at the gym … at the beach!

Want to lose a few pounds? You got this! Happy with your weight but want to lean up? We’ve got you covered! I’m offering my 30 years of health coaching experience to personalize your results-oriented custom program …. and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

BTW – you’re asking why we’re starting on a Tuesday? Because so many people dislike Mondays …  so Tuesday’s got our vote {and it’s an extra day to get in the right mindset for success, right?}

What you receive when you register:

  • 30 minute complimentary, confidential consultation to establish your shake and shape goals
  • 4-week eating plan that includes a variety of menus and healthy recipes you’ll love to eat
  • Guidance and support on our optional 5-day reset plan to kick off to a fast start
  • Weekly email support that includes information on healthy eating habits, stress and exercise …. and more
  • Online help, information and recipes shared in our private Facebook support group 
  • Super scrumptious snack ideas that fuel your mind and body
  • Bite it and Write It journal to track your food, activity and water
  • Color-coded grocery shopping form to make it easy to list the foods you need each week
  • Personalized supplement plan – what to take and when to take it
  • Power-packed plant protein smoothie recipes to preserve your muscle and help burn fat
  • Weekly group support conference call {or webinar} to help keep you on track, motivated and inspired

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Any Member in the Tripp Shaklee organization
  • Any new person who joins as a Shaklee Member

When you register you’re committing to:

  • Pay a $20 registration fee to Anthea via credit card, debit card or PayPal {deadline June 1st, 2015}
  • Be a member in the Tripp Shaklee Organization
  • Attend a 30 minute {or less} confidential consultation to personalize your program
  • Follow the shake-up and shape-up plan we design and recommend for you
  • Replace one meal per day with a power Shaklee Protein Shake {or two meals to lose weight}
  • Purchase a 28-day supply of at least one protein smoothie per day.
  • Buy the affordable all-natural multivitamin(s) we recommend.
  • Engage in a physical activity 3-5 days a week … walk, run, swim, spin, zoomba or other activities to MOVE your body!
  • Commit to follow the plan! It will work for you IF you work IT!
  • Expect to succeed. You can do anything for 28 days and this is EASY!
  • Invite your family and friends to join you!

Why are you required to use Shaklee products as part of the plan?

  • Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company and the ONLY nutrition company we endorse.
  • We trust the safety and efficacy of their nutrition products. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.
  • Only NON-GMO soy protein products. Also offer whey choices.
  • Sufficient protein is a MUST for total wellness and we feel relying only on animal proteins is not enough.
  • You need high quality power plant proteins to fuel energy and preserve lean mass
  • The vitamins are necessary to fill in nutrient gaps in your foods
  • Vitamins are catalysts to activate your metabolism to burn fat efficiently {you want to get lean right?}

Registration GiftSo what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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