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Healthy Family Mompreneur™ Community

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Our community of Moms is super passionate about healthy family life. We love preparing nutritious meals & snacks, keeping our families healthy and off medications, we’re concerned about chemical exposure in our homes, water and in personal care items. We delight in saving money, we value the opportunity to create a sustainable income, working from home and serving the needs of others {doing well by doing good} and we love giving back to our community, while positively impacting the planet.

Does this sound like YOU? We hope you’ll join us!

Our Background

In the past our Healthy Family Mompreneur™ Community has sponsored many  health related events:

  • Movie screenings (FoodMatters, Food Inc etc)
  • Cooking classes (mom and kids)
  • Informal educational gatherings discussing simple, but effective ways to fill in the nutritional gaps
  • How to naturally combat allergies
  • Ways to keep our families healthy during cold and flu season
  • How to get/keep the chemicals out of our homes and personal care items etc.

We’re eager to build community advocates who empower others to take back their family’s health. As part of this process we recommend health and wellness products from our trusted brand partner Shaklee Corporation. Why?

Because these products always work, are always green, always safe
and always SAVE {money, time and other precious resources!!}

Our Vision


“I love who I am and what I do! I’m an entrepreneur and I work at home. I can pursue my dreams without sacrificing my role as a wife and Mom!”

We’re a grass roots movement of Moms {and Dads too} dedicated to creating better health and lifestyles, not only for our own families {although starting at home makes sense, right?} but we inspire others to join our effort! Our vision is to empower like-minded families to take charge of their health and their lives and join our community of healthy, happy families who enjoy superior health and vitality, and make a positive impact at home, in our neighborhoods, in our cities and yes – even globally! Together we can change the world – one healthy family at a time. Let’s GO!

Who Are We?

We are a diverse group of energetic, caring, passionate Moms partnering to create healthier, happier families. We come from different backgrounds, religions and professions. We are individually unique, each contributing a wide variety of work and life experiences. Together we are a powerful resource to other families and our community.

What We Believe

  • Home should be the safest place in the whole world
  • Living healthy is a life you create every day
  • Children are the most precious gifts in the world
  • A Mom need not sacrifice family to pursue a career
  • A woman need not forsake her purpose to raise her family
  • Natural is better than anything artificial
  • What goes in, on and around the body affects total health
  • Cleaning house shouldn’t involve dirtying the earth
  • Healthy choices are gifts to be shared with friends
  • Small steps can lead to big results and transform lives
  • Healthy Family Advocates can impact a community, a city and beyond.
  • Together, we can change the world, one healthy family at a time!

What We Do!

We help families create a lifestyle enriched with vibrant good health, financial stability and the time to enjoy life on their terms. As we attract and unite with others who share our vision for this lifestyle, we make a lasting impact to individuals, our community and beyond. The Healthy Family Mompreneur™ Community embodies the Shaklee Effect™ and is a powerful example of success in action. By achieving our own personal and professional dreams we attract like-minded, successful families who join us – and pass it forward.

We hope you’ll take the time to explore the possibilities

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