30 Days to Amazing

30 Days to Amazing

 YOU are valuable and irreplaceable. YOU matter to many. YOU are one of a kind!
We believe health is precious and that longevity and quality of life are priceless.
How would you like to feel younger, longer for the rest of your life?

YOU Deserve to Feel AMAZING … and now you can

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We invite you to join us and discover how truly amazing you can feel in 30 days or less! Some of our folks report feeling a positive difference in a few days, while more than 90% of those in the test program felt the difference in 21 days.

Imagine feeling amazing in 30 days, guaranteed? How is that possible?

With Life Plan – the Best Nutritional System in the World

lifeplan2Shaklee Life Plan is the result of the foremost scientific research and decades of studies, designed to bring you the essential nutrients for a healthy life. Combining the Shaklee Life Energizing Shake and Shaklee Life-Strip, the plan promotes every aspect of your health—with nutrients clinically proven to help provide the foundation for a longer, healthier life.*

Ready to be amazed? Watch the short video below …. but first …

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Total potential SAVINGS  is over $200! Now that’s AMAZING!

We believe that good health is priceless!
Any investment in prevention is more valuable than the cost of disease

What do you think?

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Is Life Plan Expensive?  Compared to what?
No! It’s AMAZING value for the BEST most comprehensive nutritional system in the world!


Do you know that many people buy a Starbucks every day and SOME even go in twice a day?  WOW!  Yes, we heard that from a reliable source – an assistant manager there, who actually has regular customers who do just THAT!

Even if they’re only buying a coffee, twice a day it adds up to $7-8 a day!! For designer coffee!! Whoa!! Compare that to the $7.30 per day for a delicious, fast, convenient balanced meal and the highest quality complete nutrient system you in the world. All natural, gluten-free, Kosher, AND free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, color and flavors.

That’s what we consider a real healthy deal!

Here’s how to Make Your Tomorrow Amazing!

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P.S. We have Nutrition Foundations to fit every unique individual and budget – all 100% guaranteed to produce results