21Day Detox and Healthify Challenge

21-Day Detox and Healthify Challenge

April 2016! It’s like Spring Cleaning inside your body 🙂

DETOX and CLEANSE!  The big buzz words this season! Timely because everyone’s thinking Spring has sprung and there’s a sense of renewing and refreshing in the air! You’re in the mood to clean house!! But not just your home, you’re ready to cleanse your physical home – the body in which you live!!   You’re SO ready to shine from the inside out!!  Good for you, but don’t grab any port in the storm or any plan that sounds good.

Just remember marketing doesn’t spell results!! But Shaklee produces results! 21daychallenge

Before you commit to starvation fasting, or questionable detox ingredients or yucky-tasting-make-you-gag-drinks, or you invest a lot of money, read this article from GSH.

Now Join Our Challenge!  It’s Simple and Easy to Follow

What to do:

Purchase your Detox products {see price sheet/order form below}:  a simple cleanse that works and is so easy to fit into your lifestyle – AND affordable.

Simple Detox Products:

Detox productsLiver DTX    330 Alfalfa    Herb Lax    Probiotic

{BTW! If you’re already using the Vitalizer Strip or the Life Shake, you won’t need the probiotic since you’re getting it in those products.}

For those that wish to HEALTHIFY as well as cleanse, we recommend the following health-building products.  You can detox first and then begin the healthy foundation, or you can start it all at once. We recommend you purchase it all in one order and decide later 🙂 You’ll save on shipping that way too … and who doesn’t love the idea of saving! money?

HEALTHIFY! Drinnk at least ONE Shaklee Protein Shake per day {Life Shake/Physique/Energizing Soy/Meal Shake} then ADD any Shaklee daily MULTI {Life Strip/Vitalizer/Vita Lea} for building healthy cells and optimum energy. OR if you’re on the 180 Turnaround pack {weight loss} that counts too!

Cleansing the toxins from your body is safe, gentle and effective with Shaklee products. You won’t believe how AMAZING you feel in 21 days! You’ll get healthier faster and lose weight easier.

Benefits of accepting the challenge:

  • We’ll add you to our PRIVATE SUPPORT GROUP on Facebook.
  • You will want to be on FB and friend me 🙂 http://facebook.com/antheatripp
  • Our team of leaders will provide you with:
    • Personal coaching
    • Accountability
    • Encouragement
    • Recipes
    • Clean eating tips for you and your family
    • Set times where our leaders will answer your questions on an open forum online in the private group
    • Support from a community of people who prioritize their health like you do.

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Detox order form

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