#9 Face It! Skin Care Isn’t Just for Girly Men

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#9 Face It! Skin Care Isn’t Just for Girly Men

The Challenge: Over exposure to the elements, washing with soaps that contain harsh chemicals, or splashing on strong aftershave can totally trash a man’s skin, causing premature aging, deep lines, leathery texture and can even contribute to unpleasant conditions later in life that need to be treated by a dermatologist. Many men steer clear of lotions and creams thinking that it’s not “masculine”. Ummm really? Think again! Women are attracted to men who take an interest in their appearance!

Suggestion: Get over the stigma about skincare being for women. It’s for everyone and anyone who wants to protect their skin so they look great – and even appear younger than their age. Besides, the right products keeps skin healthier with fewer age-related conditions and even can protect against skin cancer. So all you stud hubs it’s time to look into some skin care for men.

GSH Solution:

Our skin care product line is unisex. For men and for women. Healthier, younger-looking skin is for everyone, so guys, check this out. If you’re feeling a little wimpy about skin care, start slow and purchase these two products. Gentle Action Cleansing Bar that you can even shave with – then top off with Sunblock SPF 30.

 Enfuselle BarGentle Action Cleansing Bar

shakleesummersun (2)Enfuselle SPF 30

If you’re feeling ballsy, then dive in and get the entire system like Walt did. Nutrition Therapy for the Skin.Walt Before and AfterEnfuselle n-o

Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy for Skin

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