#8 Stress is a Killer – Kick Its Butt

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#8 Stress is a Killer – Kick Its Butt

The Challenge: Stress is a HUGE problem—it’s not all about major stuff either – it’s the small everyday pressures caused by deadlines, heavy-traffic commutes, and running late for work or family-related events. You’re worried about an upcoming meeting with your boss, or anxious about how you’ll pay the bills. Stress affects how you think and how you perform. It drives you to reach for the wrong food too so you’re more likely to turn to sweet or salty fatty foods like candy, cookies & chips! DAMN!! Now the belly is getting fatter and you have way less mental energy. So what’s your stress level on a scale of one to ten? Are you hounded by it every day or only periodically? Stress puts you at risk of diseases such as heart disease and depression.

Suggestion: Stress is always going to be there! Take steps to control your stress levels and how you respond. Eliminate stressors you can do without. When you feel the tension spend a few minutes taking deep breaths! Reach for healthy snacks. Go outside and get physical – it’s a great stress buster.

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