#7 Support for those Creaky, Achy Joints

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#7 Support for those Creaky, Achy Joints

The Challenge: Getting that last mile in, pushing through pain to hit that final weight-lifting rep, or playing that extra set of tennis can be tough on joints. Heck, sometimes it’s just climbing the stairs at work or doing yard work that brings on the miserable knee or back pain and stiffness. Joints {the junction where one bone meets the other} are protected by cartilage, a resilient shock absorber, which can wear down over time or with injury. Joint health can be affected by many factors, including exercise and simple day-to-day activities.

Suggestion: Don’t overdo exercise when your joints are inflamed or injured. Give them time to calm down. Always stretch before and after exercise – it works wonders. Drink fluids and read #4 about Physique and post-workout repair.

GSH Solution:

Help put the spring back in your step with our recommended supplement formula which contains glucosamine, a key building block for larger molecules such as proteoglycans, which give cartilage elasticity, strength and resiliency. Comfort in as few as 5 days! And when you overdo a workout this summer, try rubbing in a topical joint and muscle pain cream into the affected area to provide temporary relief. Works in a hurry and deeply penetrates, target arthritis pain, backaches, sore muscle, sports injuries and more. Joint Health Complex and Joint and Muscle Pain Cream.

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