#5 Prevention Beats the Crap Out of Disease

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#5 Prevention Beats the Crap Out of Disease

The Challenge: Many men ignore symptoms of the onset of serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Truth is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. Why wait until the first symptom you notice is a stroke or a heart attack, or elevated blood sugar. These diseases are mostly diet-related and can be prevented before tragedy strikes. Don’t YOU be the one caught dead with one of these diseases.

Suggestion: Get a regular check up with your doctor to establish your parameters. What is your risk? Do you have a family history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes? Take action BEFORE it becomes necessary to take prescription drugs that all carry side effects…some of which you don’t want in your life! Instead, make the lifestyle changes recommended, like healthy diet, weight control, and moderate exercise and sensible supplementation.

GSH Solution:

By maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, you can protect your heart for years to come! If this is a concern are for you, choose one of Shaklee’s SmartHeart Regimens that are customized to meet your specific heart health needs and reduce overall risk. Choose the system that’s right for you: SmartHeart Blood Pressure Regimen or SmartHeart Cholesterol Regimen.

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