#2 Give the Energizer Bunny Some Competition

10 Ways to Boost Manly Mojo

#2 Give the Energizer Bunny Some Competition!

The Challenge: You wake up tired and you’re wiped out by midday, but that crazy bunny is still running in high gear all day long! What? Who wouldn’t want HIS kind of pizzazz? We’re going to share how you get sustained energy all day and an instant, healthy boost whenever you want it, without downing shots of caffeine, or crazy, unhealthy, sugary energy drinks that lift you up temporarily, drop you like a hot brick, with that “crashed” feeling.

Suggestion: Eat plenty of energy-producing fruit and veggies. Then drink adequate water. Start the day with your man-sized, power-packed protein Smoothee {see here} which provides sustained energy and satisfies for hours.

GSH Solution:

Mid-morning, drink Shaklee 180 Energy Tea Pomegranate (pomegranate is great for prostate too}. We call it Liquid Oomph! Drink it hot or cold for a healthy lift that doesn’t screw with your blood sugar. Mid-afternoon, get a clean burst of healthy energy {it also sharpens your focus} with an Energy Chew. Or two.

Shaklee180tea pomEnergizing Tea

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