#10 Bald is Manly – But What If You Want Hair?

10 Ways to Boost Manly Mojo

#10 Bald is Manly – But What If You Want Hair?

The challenge: Hair loss and premature balding is very common and shaving the head is popular and can be attractive and manly. But what if you kinda like your hair, but it’s falling out and you’re starting that male-pattern baldness, or you’re acquiring that “monk” look you’re not ready for. Besides a transplant or a wig, what can you do?

Suggestion: Make sure you aren’t vitamin deficient. Take Vitalizer {see #3} and take one serving daily of one of the Shaklee proteins {hair is about 97% protein}. Choose shampoo and conditioner that is chemical free and contain botanicals and nutrients that feed your hair and scalp. {We recommend Prosante}.

GSH Solution:

Use a specialized natural product that has 10 powerful vitamins, minerals, and herbs uniquely formulated to create an environment for optimal hair growth and health. Its residue-free formula is clinically proven to strengthen hair and thicken by reducing hair loss during combing. Soothes scalp irritation and protects scalp’s natural, healthful oil/moisture balance for healthier hair growth. It soaks right into the scalp and can be used daily on wet or dry hair. ProSanté® Nourishing Scalp Treatment.

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