Soy – Soy – SOY! There – I’ve Said It Again!

soy reduce risk of heart diseaseNot Only Did I Say Soy

But I Put the Stuff
in My Body!

I LOVE SOY! There, I said that “naughty” word again! Sorry if I’ve offended you with a “dirty” word, but let’s face it, soy-haters aren’t sensitive about writing articles on the dangers of soy, and those who believe anything they read or hear, aren’t bashful about passing on negative posts about soy {even when they’re not founded on truth} so it’s time for me to add my two cents on the subject. I’m tired of seeing the same old myths about the dangers of soy circulating the internet! Not that I’m an authority on soy {although I know people who are}, but let’s just say I’ve had 33 years of experience using it personally and observing my clients, many of whom have experienced significant health benefits from including soy in their diet. And BTW – none of us have any of the alarming health conditions supposedly caused by eating soy.

Facts ~ NOT Myths Please!

If I’ve got your blood pumping with agitation {that’s good – you’re heart’s still beating!} and if your knickers are in a twist {ouch!} at the mention of “soy” or your mind is already slammed shut {hmmmm} in defense of what you think I might say {that you’re sure you won’t agree with} you can choose to stop reading or you can keep an open mind, read on and decide for yourself. Of course you have the right to believe what you want based on articles you read, or conclusions you make from personal experiences, but just remember that much of what you read online is biased, half-truths, sensational, alarmist or an urban myth.   To me getting ALL the facts and thoughtfully assessing those facts is key in making an intelligent, educated decision.

My Personal Experience

I’ve personally used soy EVERY day for many years and contrary to the warnings that it’s bad for the thyroid, I found quite the opposite.  Truth is, when I increased {yes I said INCREASED} my intake of soy, I managed to lower my level of Synthroid by half {yes I have hypothyroid}!  Of course I can’t PROVE it was the soy’s doing that helped my thyroid, but since it was the only thing I changed, it sort of points to that. Then it becomes circumstantial evidence, right?  People are convicted of crimes based purely on circumstantial evidence, so come on guys, give me a break before you scoff at what I’m saying, question my credibility or label me as misinformed of call me an uncomplimentary name!

Health Benefits Related to Soy

My family, friends and clients tell me that after they added high quality soy protein into their daily food plan, such as a NON-GMO soy protein smoothie, they feel more energy, both instant and sustained energy – and they experience exciting health improvements that include, stronger nails, thicker, shinier hair, smoother, clearer skin and even significant health benefits such as lowered cholesterol, stabilized blood sugar and no more CRAVINGS for sweets, which is great news for those struggling with weight and for those who are insulin resistant, pre-diabetic, or even those with Type II diabetes. BTW, none of us have health afflictions that the soy-bashers claim are associated  with soy consumption! Read more about this tried, tested and pure non-GMO Protein.

Do Your Own Research!

Yes you heard correctly!  I’m asking you to NOT just take my word for it.  The paragraph above, while is all true, is not a proven fact, but rather an account of my own experience and what I’ve observed from others. I’d rather you examine some solid, scientific evidence and real facts on soy – from leading experts  who have no bias or agenda.  Too many urban myths floating around the internet have no foundation on truth. fact, or scientific rationale ~ and while personal testimonies are great, and even helpful sometimes, they don’t quite cut it in scientific circles.

Dr. Cheney has an excellent video on the Truth About Soy. 

DR. CHANEY received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Duke University and his Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from UCLA. His resumé includes Professor in the Departments of Biochemistry and Nutrition at the University of North Carolina teaching biochemistry to first year medical students. He has over 80 published articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as two chapters on nutrition for one of leading biochemistry textbooks for medical students. Here’s his video and take on The Truth About Soy!

Let’s Lay to Rest the Myths Surrounding the Effects of Soy

At GSH, we encourage you to do a little research of your own and learn from leading experts who discuss scientific studies that support soy as a natural health food – one that can offer many health benefits with no negative side effects {unless of course you’re one of the very few who may have a soy allergy}.  We recommend this site as a great resource for you – a place where you can get facts not slanted or  biased.  Go here for comprehensive information to read articles, research and watch short videos.  The information {and scientific proof} is presented by a panel of experts.
The Facts About Soy

If you already love soy, I hope you read this article and give yourself a pat on the back for ignoring the urban myths and other misinformation surrounding soy. If you’re someone who has avoided soy due to the negative articles and sensationalism surrounding its effects on men and women, I hope I’ve provided some food for thought. Even if you’re still cautious and undecided, perhaps I helped you to consider a different perspective.  If not, that’s okay too. You are entitled to your opinion, but no matter which side of the fence you’re on, we encourage you to resist the temptation to spread myths and unsubstantiated claims about soy.

Always defer to the facts backed by scientific evidence.




You’ll find all your questions answered here:
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