Rivets Health Comeback from COPD and More

Rivets Health Comeback from COPD … and More

Periodically, one encounters a health story so heart-warming and so dramatic and life-changing that it MUST be shared to offer hope and encouragement to others. Rivets story is just such a worthy testimony that she wanted her journey to be told.

Rivets sent me an email yesterday with the following description of her health journey. She shares her health challenges, the wellness path she chose to take, and her personal results over the last 5 years. Please join me in thanking Rivets for making her story public.

“Hi Anthea!!
Just came back from my Doctor’s office with the results of my yearly checkup numbers!! UNBELIEVABLE to her & my heart DR.!!

5 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD & CHF along with moderate osteoarthritis especially in my knees recommending arthroscopic knee surgery for both, high blood pressure 150s+/85-100 range & high cholesterol 344 & of course overweight, & pre diabetic numbers.–UGH!!  All at the young age of 62 years old.  I had plans to retire & have fun by 67 years old but with all the above both doctors would not recommend any kind of exercising etc. & recommended I apply for early retirement with all those medical issues considering the job I had at the time.

I waited to retire @ 65 2+ years ago because I began my quest for better health at the time of the above bad news.  After losing the first 15 pounds my knees felt better so I continued working.  In these past 5 years I have lost 70 pounds not by dieting or doing any exercising but by changing my eating habits to healthier choices: more fresh veggies & fruits, a lot less red meat, usually chicken, fish, or turkey. Sorry not a vegetarian!  Added more nuts & seeds & start every day with a Shaklee Life shake &/or Energizing Soy Protein drink & the Life Strip or Vitalizer Gold Strip.

Also, I do want to continue to lose more weight & I will be happy to just lose another 20 pounds. I expect to do so this year since I feel MUCH BETTER & WANT to be more active!! I will not be at my recommended BMI with that 20 lb. loss but I will be where I am comfortable to stay for the rest of my life.  I just want to do what I enjoy in retirement:  riding my Harley, enjoy the outdoors like fishing & hiking in His beautiful creation!

Today’s results:

Heart is NO LONGER ENLARGED & LUNGS ARE CLEAR!!  Cholesterol levels are below normal totaling 195, triglycerides 164, Osteoarthritis considered mild now & no surgery needed, & Not diabetic, normal sugars with A1C @ 4.5!! Blood pressure range has been 120-130s/ 60-70s as well!! 

So, it is NEVER TOO LATE to change your habits & improve your health!!  Turning 68 this year & told for the first time to start exercising & I can do whatever I want to do!! As for the doctors’ recommendations: start exercising like walking or anything else I want to do!!  Not that I pay attention to what doctors recommend for me!

To the above Shaklee supplements, I take recommended doses of Immunity Formula I, Nutriferon, & Advanced Joint health Complex, 10-20 Alfalfa, & 2-4 Vita-C daily!!

Oh yes & I’m still HIV negative!

Yes, you can share this testimony any way you wish to do so!!
Love Ya & Chuckles!!

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  1. Rebecca Burke says:

    I love your story! Thank the Lord for Shaklee and for you to share.

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