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The Infinity Masters
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This is the name we’ve given our Shaklee Organization of Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Distributors and Members.  Together, we are a powerful and passionate team of health-conscious people with a burning desire to make a healthy difference in the lives of our own families, our communities and the world.

Why call ourselves The Infinity Masters? Tinfinitymasterslogohe slogan explains our goal well! Each of us in our organization learns to master the power of opportunity to create healthier lives, by helping to improve health, wellness and prosperity using Shaklee as our vehicle to touch millions of people at home and across the globe. With our word of mouth plan, one person sharing with another, there is NO limit to our reach or our impact – we maximize the potential to infinity!

What does creating healthier lives mean exactly?
It means that we help interested people discover natural ways to improve the health of their family, their home and their finances.

Most people today are looking for non-toxic green home care products, they’re searching for natural nutrition products to lose weight, have more energy, counteract stress or avoid prescription drugs with potentially harmful side effects, and most people we meet want to look younger with personal care products that don’t contain questionable ingredients!

Many people want to save money and/or get special deals on these products – even earn back the cost of their own usage, by changing brands and sharing with a few friends and family.

Some people are ready for a change of career, a home business or an additional stream of income and see the entrepreneurial potential of our income opportunity.

How do we create healthier lives? We help people define what a healthy life means to THEM. Then we present options to fit those wants and needs. Everyone is unique and different, so we tailor solutions to their personal description of a healthier life, whether it be addressing  better health, having more time with family, saving money or financial independence.

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