Our Shaklee Business Is ….

So often people ask us .. “what is Shaklee?”

Maybe some they think they know what we do, but I daresay, no matter how convinced they are that they truly know, they probably don’t fully understand the extent of the reach we have as leaders of people we love, cherish and serve as our customers, members and distributors.  It’s really impossible to answer in one word.

 So the way I think of our business is … it’s so much more … more than you can imagine….

… it’s more than selling products, although our products improve health, appearance and environment

… it’s more than placing an order on behalf of a customer, although that’s a valuable service

… it’s more than teaching a friend how they can make money, although that improves the quality of life

… it’s more than sharing an opportunity to own a business, although that can change the course of a future

Need I go on?

So what “more” is it? My friends, it is IMPACT!

It’s viewing our people like FAMILY. It’s being involved and fully engaged in the lives of those we serve and with whose lives we touch … in impactful and positive ways …  too many ways to count. It’s like Dr. Shaklee said “I wanted a company that would improve the lives of everyone it touches!”

Sometimes, it means going the extra mile, maybe even unrelated to Shaklee specific, but it’s always being fully present in the moment … It’s like what we do as family.

This has been quite a week for us … and never have we felt more convinced of our purpose and mission and we want to share that through our Shaklee business we’re presented with opportunities we might otherwise never have had … to powerfully impact more people in a more significant way.

We my are in the business of changing lives for the better.

God bless you all those who impact the lives of others in both small and significant ways .. all of which adds up to making a difference.

May you be blessed to be a blessing!

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