Our Gift to You! Super Savings 365 Days a Year!

Not just today!

Not just on High Days and Holidays!


A 365 Days a Year Kind of a Thing!

When Chuck and I first learned about Shaklee, we thought we’d found the treasure at the end of the rainbow!  It felt as though we’d won the lottery. Imagine this! Premium health and wellness products that address total well-being and healthy living….all in the same store … a one-stop-shop if you will.  Green, clean home care products, natural nutrition and personal care products, safe for families and the planet, proven to work as promised, 100% guaranteed, delivered to our home AND all at an affordable, discounted price that would save us a ton of money over the course of a year. OMG – you should know that over the many years of enjoying Shaklee, we’ve saved thousands of $$$$$.

Not just one-time special offers for steals and deals,
But everyday savings and discounts, all year round!

And ALL we had to do was buy a Membership {$19.95 one-time investment or even FREE with purchase of a designated product or grouping} and then simply swap-brands! What? Just take our household budget and redirect that amount to a like Shaklee Product AND save money?  NOW can you understand why we were so excited but also found ourselves asking “is it too good to be true?” Fast forward with us a few years and today you’ll find us chuckling, not only at our original skepticism, but at the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays and ALL the other high day and holiday urgency calls to purchase now – that are so typical of traditional retail sales and marketing. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying holiday sales aren’t good, or not appreciated,
or aren’t great deals, or the hunt for a steal isn’t exciting!

No one LOVES a great deal more than Chuck and I, but buying our products through Shaklee has proven to us that the savings we’ve consistently enjoyed, for many years, are greater with our everyday member discount prices than participating in the one-time holiday extravaganzas.  And a lot LESS stressful too!  But then that’s all the more reason to believe us when we say we love Shaklee, because it’s the best-kept secret and the most fantastic shopping experience on the planet! In fact we think shopping at Shaklee is a “steal” {legal theft of course!}.

Best of all? It’s available to everyone!

Think of it this way. If you could save MORE money in a year buying your health and wellness products from Shaklee any day you choose during the 365 days, rather than shopping the crazy holiday sales, where would you rather shop? Just saying! Calm enjoyable shopping anytime with deep discounts, or crazy frenzied stampedes on a time schedule belonging to someone else? Well duh!?

And what if:

  • Your purchases are delivered to your door
  • It’s easy and pleasant to shop online or by phone
  • The products last longer and are better value than competitor brands
  • Products proven safe and healthier for your family and the planet
  • Product always works, backed by 100% unconditional guarantee
  • You can save 15-25%, shopping when it’s convenient to YOU
  • You refer friends and family and receive rewards
  • You can even earn back the cost of your products
  • You discover that improved family health is priceless
  • You fall hopelessly in love with every product you tried

It’s been true for us and it’s our gift to you!
You deserve the best of value and the greatest savings!

When you swap brands to Shaklee, it’s like Christmas every day! Gifts of health and savings – all wrapped up in one special package with your family’s name on it! Hope you’ll check out 20 Ways to Shop and Save with Shaklee … then come join us and the millions of other discerning Members across the globe who we’re proud to call our “Shaklee Family”.

Check out all Shaklee Membership options here!


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