NO Guilt Shamrock Shake

ShamrockHappy St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether you’re Irish or not, TODAY is your lucky day! You’ve got your green on, right? Great! Now it’s time to get some green IN to celebrate the day!!

What more fun than a Shamrock Shake!

But wait! Don’t go running off to your nearest fast food place and grab your St. Patty’s green fix there because you have NO idea what you’re getting! Know what I mean? You really have NO clue what kind of ingredients are going into it, do you?

Wait! Do you know how many calories are in the popular shakes? 520 to 800 and UP! That’s right!  A huge load of calories, fat, sugar and I can pretty much guarantee NOT much in the way of healthy protein.  Plus, get this! A load of artificial coloring, flavors and goodness alone what else to make it look enticing, taste sweet and tantalize your feel-good senses all the way to the last drop!

It’s your lucky day! Here’s a NO guilt Shamrock Shake 

It’s healthy. It’s skinny. It’s yummy! All three wrapped into one and you can whip it up right in your own kitchen! Here you go!  What are you waiting for? Dive in …..

Place all ingredients in blender. Start on low to mix, then turn on high to pulverize!
Easy peasey!


1 cup non-fat milk or almond milk
2 scoops Shaklee Life Shake {vanilla}
1 cup organic spinach
1/4 cup pineapple chunks or 1/3 banana
1 Tbsp avocado
1/2 teasp vanilla
1/2 teasp pure mint extract or a small handful organic mint
Add ice to make slushier or 2 oz ice cold water for frothiness

You’re going to LOVE this!  It’s only about 320 calories using non-fat milk … even less with almond milk. But the best part of all is the AMAZING nutrition you get PLUS the wonderful deliciousness of the taste PLUS the long term satisfaction AND NO GUILT. It’s truly a skinny, healthy, yummy shake!

This delicious meal shake contains nutrients clinically proven to help create the foundation for a longer, healthier life. It is designed to increase your energy, help you achieve a healthier weight, and provide incredible digestive and immune support from fiber and probiotics.

The Shaklee Life Energizing Shake Mix comes packed with:

  • 24 grams* of protein, including 16 grams of plant-based, non-GMO protein
  • Added leucine to help preserve lean muscle and achieve a healthier weight
  • A powerful combination of prebiotics and one billion CFU of patented probiotics
  • Omega-3 (ALA) to support heart and brain health!
    And it is:
  • Gluten free, lactose free, low glycemic, and Kosher
  • Contains no added artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives

Check out the Nutrition Facts on Shaklee Energizing Life Shake

ShamrockWhip one up today!

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