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I have to boast that I have been using Shaklee Supplements for more than 30 years and I cannot even imagine what my health would be like without them!  They gave me back my health, my attitude and my life!

I used to believe that all vitamins were created equal

So strong was that belief that I never intentionally looked for the “natural” or high quality variety. And who ever thought to check for proof of absorption in those days?  So, I would seek out whatever random vitamins I could find and even get them on sale.  Why?  Because I had bought into the popular philosophy that if I paid more, I was really just wasting my money and producing “expensive” urine!

Wow! I was definitely duped.

So what happened to change my mind?

I got sick – and I mean not only sick but had multiple health challenges that refused to go away. After several years of buying any brand of vitamins I could find, I was introduced to Shaklee Supplements when a good friend asked me the question “Do you FEEL different when you take your vitamins?” I could hardly say “yes” since I was getting unhealthier by the day – so “NO” I didn’t feel any different.

She promised that I’d feel better in 30 days
if I took just TWO of Shaklee’s nutrition products. 

If I didn’t love her so much, I’d have laughed in her face.  Truth is I was very skeptical and didn’t really buy into what she was saying but honestly was too tired and sickly to argue, so I bought the Basic Program that you see pictured above and started drinking the shake for breakfast and swallowed the two supplements right after – every day!

Was I ever in for a surprise!

I really DID feel the difference – I had more energy and could stay up until 11:00 pm – which in essence gave me 3 more hours in my day.  How so?  Well before taking Shaklee supplements I would be asleep on the couch at 8:00 pm.

So after a month of using the two supplements I decided maybe I could feel even better, so added three more supplements to the daily routine.  After 5 months all my health challenges disappeared. What a blessing!

100% Guaranteed

The Best of the Basics is just one of Shaklee’s basic nutritional foundations that are all-natural, guaranteed and very affordable.  In fact I’d go so far as to say they are the BEST VALUE of anything out there in the market, because they produce results you want ….. and are not expensive.

But don’t take my word for it.  Check out the Best of Basics for yourself. It’s our most affordable family nutritional foundation option.

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