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Happy Monday Moms!

Life is so funny isn’t it? Funny, peculiar and ironic in so many ways! I’ve been a Mom for 50 years and now I have grandchildren and great grandchildren!  Wow!  Where has the time gone? First a Mom, always a Mom! But, I am also an entrepreneur and have operated a successful health and wellness business from home for 33 years!  That’s what makes me a Mompreneur and I absolutely LOVE it!

Prior to owning my business, I worked in the Real Estate industry during a long recession when interest rates were 18-19% on home mortgages and nothing was selling.  No sales = no income!  Ugh!!  It was a time where I felt as though I had no control over my life and fear was a frequent visitor. Fear of losing the house, fear of no time with my kids, fear of failing, fear of my future, fear of being inadequate as a Mom!

Mondays back then were not like they are now!

Today I love waking up on a Monday with a passion for what I do and who I can help this week! What exciting activity will brighten my day, or what person will I encounter and help get healthier or wealthier. Today, life is good and I look forward equally to week days and weekends because both bring me great joy! Back then neither brought relief and relaxation because I worked 24/7. I was the proverbial tail wagging the dog. If clients snapped their fingers, I jumped!  I had to – every person might be one who would buy a house and income would follow…income desperately needed for survival.  I had zero family time and I felt like a failure as a Mom because I wasn’t there for my kids when I knew I needed to be. It’s a tough spot and many of you who are Moms, get this – you relate to what I’m saying – you’ve been there or you are there – or maybe even you will be there some day if you don’t plan to make changes. Read the incident that changed the course of my life.

I loved being a career Mom!

Prior to Real Estate I was a a full-time MOM for 15 consecutive years and loved it. Loved my role as a Mom! Let me tell you, I took it seriously. Well maybe doing dishes and ironing wasn’t my favorite activity but I did them anyway! But I loved cooking unique healthy and tasty meals for my family {yes we had dessert every night!!!!}, keeping an orderly household, raising our children, being the team Mom , the cub scout leader, the room mother, the PTA president, organizing birthday parties, yelling encouragement from the stands at sporting events and being the Mom who was home when the kids burst through the door and dived into the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! 

But there were also times when I felt inadequate

No, not as a Mom in this case, but as a contributor to the family income. My hard working husband was the sole provider, and as our family needs changed {second and third cars} and expenses increased {sports uniforms, prom clothing and college} it became obvious we needed a second income. So there were times as a SAHM that Mondays arrived and as others moms went off to their jobs, I felt drawn to contribute monetarily to our family income to ease the burden imposed on my husband. Besides, it would be fun to have some extra spending money, or mad money, right? A dress I bought in store instead of making it from scratch! A REAL family vacation!  A NEW car instead of a different car! A sense of purpose – something that used my talents and creativity and would provide a sense of fulfillment – and make a difference in the world! To be part of a cause – something bigger than myself. Can anyone relate?

I changed course and changed my life!


The eldest and youngest of our five grandchildren! Celebrating our “renewal of vows” on the beach in Cancun! Lifestyle!!

So I made a bold decision! I chose to combine being a Mom with being an entrepreneur and work from HOME! I took a calculated risk, stepped out in faith, applied myself, focused on my goals and with consistent effort I became a successful independent business owner of a health and wellness company.  You know me as GetSuperHealthy!  Back then the word Mompreneur did not exist, nor did the terms SAHM or WAHM, but as we know, a rose by any other name is still the same. I was and am a Mompreneur – but now I have the esteemed additional titles of GRAND and GREAT – because I not only have children following the path, but someday the Grands and Greats will join us too!!! Haha! A generational business! Who would have ever thought it when I started all those years ago?  But it’s TRUE and it’s REAL and it’s for anyone that WANTS it and WORKS for it!

I love the life of a Mompreneur

Nowadays I derive great satisfaction in helping Moms {and Dads too} work at home while keeping their full-time role as a parent, AND make money part-time or even earn a significant career income from home, while living life on their terms.  I feel like it’s all part of changing the world one family at a time. It’s a worthy cause.

Let’s just say the Mompreneur Movement is HERE!

Will you join us?

Contact me if this blog post has struck a chord with YOU!
I’d love to chat with you Mom to Mom!


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