Healthy Weight

The Significance of Calories in Your Diet


There are times

When you look at the weighing scale and feel disappointed. No matter what diet you try or what regimen you follow, you can’t seem to achieve the weight you are aiming for. If you are feeling lost about what to do next, then let us help. We will introduce you to the importance of calories and how it affects you.

Calories Count

Yes. They really do, and in more ways than one. There are about 3500 calories in one pound of fat. This means that to maintain a static weight, you must consume the same amount of calories as you burn.

In the case of people who want to gain more pounds, they would need to eat more and decrease their physical activity. This is the opposite for those who are looking to lose weight. That is why it’s important to monitor the amount of calories in your body.

Some of Our Observations

First off, we are not going to give a lecture nor spout some scientific facts that would not make sense to the regular person. We want to get real about calories. Think about how they don’t talk, but they speak volumes about our health. People don’t see calories, only where it “resides.” They are in the food we eat, whether it’s healthy or unhealthy.

The thing is, calories can effectively hide in the unhealthy food we consume. It’s just how they are. However, this is exacerbated by people and companies that want you to eat more.

Calories are masters of disguise as well. For example, a small alcoholic drink is crammed full of them. However, there are just a few calories in green or brightly colored foods, which can be easily overlooked by many. There are even more in soft, smooth, sugary, gooey, and yummy-looking treats. That’s how they trick us into eating, so we gain weight and still crave more.

Make Every Calorie Count

Whatever your opinions may be about calories, they still make a huge impact on how you gain or lose weight. For example, if you exercise as usual, consume the same number of calories daily to keep your weight static, and change up one small thing every day, it’s not going to make much difference in your weight.

However, if you make one small change and continue it for a year, you’ll notice a huge difference. Let’s say you have a protein shake for breakfast every day made with one cup of low-fat milk. Everything is still the same: your activity level, food intake, and more. But because you switched to low-fat, there is a cumulative amount of calories you gain.

The 40 extra calories multiplied by 365 days equals to 14600 calories. That’s 4.17 pounds more on your weight. It may not look like much, but in 10 years, the 40 calories compound to 42 pounds. On the flip side, using nonfat milk will result to 42 pounds lost in a decade.

The Bottom Line

Calories DO count, but as individuals, we are in control of our health and our size! We do not want you to obsess over calories—we just want you to be more aware of the food you consume. Maintaining an ideal weight comes down to your level of discipline and conviction.


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