Healthy, Happy, Patriotic! 4th July!

Yes I know, I know!  I’m an early bird!!!  It’s not the 4th July yet, but as far as I’m concerned ANY day is a good day to celebrate this great country and the freedoms it represents. Long May Freedom Ring and Reign!

So here I am in advance to wish you a safe, happy day of fun and super healthy celebrations.  Hope you’ll wear out your arms with a whole lot of flag waving too!  At least that’s what I plan on doing AND with NO apologies for being patriotic. I love God and country. AND I  believe in the American Dream. I’m so proud to be an A.M.E.R.I.C.A.N … in fact I willingly CHOSE it when I raised my hand and swore allegiance to the flag {and all it stands for} during my naturalization ceremony. So what about my mother country, you ask? Am I a turn coat? Hahaha.  Let’s just say there’s room in my heart for BOTH countries, and a special place reserved for each! It’s pretty simple really.

So back to 4th July. We’re flying out to CA early in the morning to be with our family, to celebrate our kids’ birthdays and the nation’s birthday and we’re doing it with BBQ’s, baseball, fireworks and a bucket full of love and gratitude.

That’s why I’m getting this out early, because this weekend we’ll be preoccupied – in the “present” – reveling in the gift of celebration, thankfulness and soaking up the joy of family, friends and freedom. 

We hope you’re so enthralled in the “here and now”, you forget to broadcast it to the social media world! {Bahahaha – well maybe that’s asking too much!}  No matter who you’re with or what you’re doing, we pray that your heart is filled with joy and gratitude for many blessings.

Stay super healthy.  Along with all the traditional hot dogs, hamburgers and what-not, choose healthy and simple! This tray of Patriotic Fruit Kebobs doesn’t even need a recipe.  It’s really E.A.S.Y to be healthy and feel satisfied when you have simple dishes like the one above that are, yummy, healthy, and cute too! 

Look at the picture! Only 3 fruits, a tray and a few wooden skewers. {Thanks Party City for the idea and the graphic!} Even a traveling Grandma could show up with THIS tray with no trouble at all!!

 Be safe! Celebrate! And love on your family and friends a lot – a whole lot. OOXX

God Bless the U.S.A.

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