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Why I Shaklee: Serena’s Story

“As an attorney with my own thriving legal practice, I wasn’t out looking for another business!”

I sat through a Shaklee presentation out of concern for what a long-time friend had gotten herself into. Although initially a skeptic, I was impressed with history of the company and the science behind the products. I came home from that presentation willing to give the products a try.

As an attorney with my own thriving legal practice, I wasn’t out looking for a second business. But once I learned of FREE products that could improve our health and lifestyle? And not just any free products, but TOP-NOTCH ones backed by a 100% guarantee? And not just free for one time, but on a monthly basis delivered to my front door? Sign me up!

But first, I needed to get my family on board with me, and that meant TESTING the products. The science and effectiveness was proven quickly. Keeping a clean house is difficult with 3 young children, but now even the kids know to reach for the Shaklee Basic H under the sink no matter where and how big the mess. We decided that we needed to try a Shaklee nutrition regimen and the results speak for themselves.  The steroid cream my husband used for serious eczema flare-ups was banished from our home and he hasn’t visited the dermatologist since (4 years and counting.) Those once a month cramps that send my husband running? History! Then there’s the cat allergies of one of the kids we discovered after we got 3 cats – those don’t bother our son at all now. Our health benefits are innumerable!

Really, I’m like other moms who want to create a healthy and safe environment for my family – and if I can bring along a few other moms with me for those FREE products? Let’s go MOMpreneurs!  Serena

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