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Why I Shaklee: Chandra’s Story

“My Shaklee income has helped fill in
the gaps through tough economies!”

My story is a bit different from most others. You see I was raised in a Shaklee family and a Shaklee business. Growing up, thanks to Shaklee, I enjoyed good health and learning what the lifestyle of having two entrepreneurial parents meant. It was never a question, I was going to college. But after college, rather than build my own business, I wanted to experience Corporate Life, you know be a CEO or something {riiiight}.

It’s not that I didn’t want the Shaklee business or lifestyle, it was more that I knew it was there as a Plan B and extra source of income while I pursued a J-O-B first. Fast Forward 20+ years later and I now have a thriving business just by sharing these amazing products with friends and teaching them how to get their products for FREE. My Shaklee income has helped fill in the gaps through tough economies, pay for my own products {yep, I’ve NEVER paid out of pocket for my products} and extra stuff {like extra mortgage payments and fun family vacations}. With my son soon to be in kindergarten I’m finding that the drive to continue moving up the corporate ladder is waning, while my drive to be a MOMpreneur on my terms is growing.

I love that I’ve been able to passively grow my business at my pace. This business is something anyone can do at whatever level they want. Shaklee rocks and the opportunity it presents for so many other moms is truly life changing.

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