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healthifykidsWhether it’s back to school or any old day of the week during vacation, Moms {and Dads} everywhere want their kids to be healthy and happy. Parents know that eating the right food is a major win in raising healthy children, but getting all the critical nutrients is easier said than done isn’t it? Any parent knows this!!

First of all, it’s confusing trying to figure out which nutrients are important … and then it’s deciding which foods contain the MOST essential nutrition for their growing youngsters … and getting them to eat those foods!!!

We’re making it easy for you! As simple as saying ABC!

a) The most important nutrients
b) The reasons your kids need them

c) Where you find them

Essential Nutrients for kids A to Z

Vitamin A
Why kids need it: Vitamin A is key for kid’s good eyesight, especially for color and night vision. It also gives their immune systems an infection-fighting boost.

Where to find it: Fill kids’ plates with carrots and other orange vegetables and fruits — like cantaloupe and sweet potatoes — and fill their glasses with fortified milk.

B Vitamins
Why kids need them: Kids need B vitamins (or B complex), which include thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, B6, B12, and biotin, to make and use energy. Without enough B vitamins, kids can get anemia.

Where to find them: You can find Bs in just about every food group. Whole grains, fish, chicken, meat, leafy greens, and dairy are packed with them.

Vitamin C
Why kids need it: A daily helping of C helps ward off sneezes and sniffles by helping kids’ bodies fight infections. It also speeds the healing of scrapes and other boo-boos.

Where to find it: Kids can drink a glass of orange juice or, better yet, eat an orange. Other fruits and vegetables are also great C sources. Try strawberries, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and sweet red peppers.

Vitamin D
Why kids need it: For strong bones and teeth, kids need daily D. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium so it can build bones.

Where to find it: The skin makes vitamin D when the sun hits it. But because the UV rays that fuel vitamin D production also can cause cancer, watch getting your D from the sun. Instead, add fortified milk, cereal, tuna, or eggs to kids’ diets.

Why kids need it: Kids need calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Too little can lead to a higher chance of bone disease later in life.

Where to find it: Dairy is the best place to find calcium. A few servings of low-fat milk and yogurt every day should keep your kids’ bones strong and healthy.

Why kids need it: Iron isn’t just for pumping in the gym. It also helps pump blood in the body. Iron is found in the part of red blood cells that moves oxygen to the rest of the body.

Where to find it: Beef up on lean meat, or give kids other iron-filled foods, like beans, dark leafy greens, and iron-fortified cereal.

Why kids need it: Magnesium is one of the building blocks of the body’s cells, and it’s important in making energy. A diet rich in magnesium also will keep your child’s heart pumping strongly into adulthood.

Where to find it: Bran cereal, brown rice, tofu, beans, almonds, and other nuts are all rich sources of magnesium.

Why kids need it: Almost every cell and organ in the body needs potassium to work as it should. Potassium also is important for blood pressure, keeping the heart pumping and the muscles working when kids are running around.

Where to find it: Bananas are loaded with potassium, but you also can find it in sweet potatoes, white beans, skim milk, and low-fat yogurt.

Why kids need it: Zinc may help kids stop colds by helping their immune systems fight viruses and other disease-causing germs. The body needs zinc to grow and develop.

 Where to find it: Chicken, beans, and fortified breakfast cereals are filled with zinc.

How to be SURE your kids get all these nutrients

So if you’re a “normal” parent (if there really is any such thing?) you’re wondering how in the world you, the willing parent, can get THEM, your unwilling kids, to go along with eating all these healthy foods EVERY day!

We agree it’s not easy! So you do what every concerned parent has done since the beginning of time – you simply do the BEST you can.

You make all the healthy stuff available: fruits and veggies, cereals, lean meats. milk and healthy snacks.  Then you encourage, coax and yes even bribe your little darlings to eat good healthy foods at each meal. Foods that you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to select and prepare! AND you walk your talk of course by setting the best example ever, by eating clean and healthy yourself!

Who’s kidding who?

Kid_with_veggiesMost kids are picky eaters when it comes to healthy food! Look at the expression on this kid’s face! Oh my!You know it well? It’s the one that prevails at your dinner table? PICKY!! That’s why  kids fall short in essential nutrients. Most aren’t overjoyed to eat nutrient-laden veggies. SO what to do for your peace of mind and their nutrition insurance?

Of course!  That’s it!  You give them a kid’s multi …

BTW! YOU get an A for thinking about supplements!  So are we saying buy any old thing at the store? There’s plenty to choose from everywhere – you’ve seen them right?  You’ve even bought them? 

There are dozens of cheap, colorful, odd-shaped and sugary, sweet-tasting chewies and chewables available – all touting how great they taste and how nutritious they are!

Oh….but did they tell you the ingredients are mostly synthetic chemicals? Artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers and stabilizers! Even coal tar? YUCK!  Ingesting more chemicals is not what your kids need! So what to do?

You give them the BEST Multi on the planet

Good for you! You guessed RIGHT! You get an A-PLUS for THAT answer! You provide a  children’s chewable supplement, created from 100% natural ingredients that supplies all of the above and more. This is the guaranteed way you make sure all the gaps are filled and they’re getting everything they need (and more) for the best health ever! NO artificial ANYTHING! 

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