Have Shaklee – Will Travel

It’s what we LOVE to do!

We’re off again! The Tripps are tripping off to California, where it all started for us!  Our Shaklee journey! So exciting! We’ve got our healthy supplements, our immunity insurance for the plane, our beautiful green bag, our computer roll-on bag , luggage tags and a heart full of joy for the next week’s exprience!

It all starts with the Regionals in Long Beach tonight and tomorrow, followed by time with our family in Brea! Then the tour of events starts as we travel to Apple Valley to conduct fun Shaklee meetings for our teams there.Then a special Thanksgiving with our son David and extended family!

Shaklee opportunity events, sports nutrition events, business coaching and recreational fun visiting with long-term friends and Shaklee supporters, many of whom have used our products and loved them for more than 30 years. Thanks so much everyone for being the bright lights you are for so many years … and counting!

Our cup overflows with love and gratitude! Stay tuned for more posts!

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