Get Moving!

Move It Or Lose It


What is a critical piece of the “Get Super Healthy” formula for living a healthier life?

Yes, you guessed it! Exercise! Activity! Move, move and move. Rest is important! Eating healthy and natural food supplements are vital, but so is pumping that blood and toning those muscles.  So just do it! get up and move it!!

If you follow us, you KNOW that we promote physical activity and share why it’s important to move, to stay active every day for your overall physical wellness and heart health.

You’ve heard the expression “Use it or lose it”? It’s SO very true! You only have to stop exercising for a couple of weeks and you can see the difference, right? You have less energy, you feel weaker with less stamina, and you can almost SEE your muscles shrinking and wasting away! Well maybe not visibly, but you can certainly FEEL it!! But here’s the truth – if you don’t use your muscles, you WILL {at some point down the road} LOSE your muscle tone and that’s not healthy for you. Did you know that the older you are, the more prone your body to losing muscle mass…it’s unfortunately a natural part of the aging process especially after 50 – and drastically speeds up after 70.

It doesn’t HAVE to be that way!

To BE your healthiest YOU, you need to keep your cardiovascular system functioning at its best – and you also need to retain muscle density and tone for as long as you possibly can, and the way to do it is to MOVE every day! Exercise! Stay ACTIVE and challenge your muscles with load bearing exercise.

It doesn’t matter when, where, or how JUST MOVE!

Why is it that we think EVERYTHING has to be just right before we do something that we know is so good for us? What is holding YOU back? So many peeps are waiting for tomorrow {which never gets here} or for the weather to change or to “feel inspired” or @$%*&%…… you name it! The thing is …. there is no better time to start anything than today! In the case of scheduling in activity, NOW is always the perfect time – no matter how young you are, where you are, what time of day it is or how you get moving!! Just do it! Start right away.

So you don’t feel like it? Do it anyway! You’ll be happy you did!

So it’s raining or cold – or hot? Do it anyway! Your body will love you!

So you’re tired and grumpy? So what? Do it anyway! Energy begets energy 🙂

So you don’t have time? MAKE time! Give up something else! Do it anyway!

So you ache? You hurt afterwards? Do it anyway {we have stuff to help with that}

Sometimes the hardest weight you’ll ever lift is yourself – YOU – OFF THE COUCH! Just DO it! Okay?

Start somewhere – something trumps nothing.

So maybe you walk down the street for 5 minutes, then turn around and walk home – you’ve made a start and you’ve walked for 10 minutes. Then increase the walking time. Think about doing some strength conditioning with some dumbbells. Start modestly and increase regularly so before you know it you’ll be amazed at what you can do that you never thought you could! maybe you can join a gym or a running club or maybe you can even participate in triathlons like our son – he STARTED doing them at age 49.

Here’s the thing to remember: you’re never too old or TOO anything, IF you have the will to accomplish something! Now get up and start to MOVE and avoid the senior shuffle!!

Promise yourself and promise us you’ll just DO it!

Image credit: Lammeyer / 123RF Stock Photo