Healthy Weight

If Calories Could Count
But Wait {Butt Weight?} Calories DO Count

Hey Gorgeous! What’s up handsome? Are you thinking you’re a little heavy? The scale is talking back at you and you don’t like what it’s saying? You’ve tried this diet and that diet and nothing’s really working to change your shape permanently. You’re a human yo-yo and you’re tired of it! You’re confused and overwhelmed with conflicting information about calories and fats and carbohydrates and you really don’t know what to do – what will work and where to start.  Stick with us – we’ll sort it out for you and help you get back on track.

3500 Calories Equals ONE Pound

“Calories” really do count – Young woman comparing a donut to an applemeaning they ADD up!  Sometimes you probably think the little rascals even multiply! It’s generally understood that calories consumed must equal calories burned for weight to stay static. Science tells us that 3500 calories equals one pound of body weight, so if you’re skinny and want to gain weight, you increase your calories and/or decrease activity or become a couch potato which isn’t healthy! To lose weight, decrease your calories and/or step up activity! Usually this means eat more or less food, but not always! If you exercise your right to choose healthier food {lots of fresh vegetables} you can always get away with eating more. QUALITY {clean, lean, raw, crunchy} equals more quantity {a little more okay?} But no matter what your size, there’s NO argument about activity. Some form of regular cardio and resistance exercise makes for a healthier individual whatever your size 🙂

A Personal Observation

Don’t worry, this is NOT going to be a lecture, a controversial debate, or a thesis about the complexity of losing weight. Neither is it an admonishment about your choice of foods, your size, or how much fat you eat {or carry around}. This post is merely our personal observation with a little added humor {lighten up folks!}. With all the information from doctors and experts, who are smarter and more educated than we are, you’ll find plenty of scientific data, research {and opinions} on the subject of calories and weight loss. You’ll even find some of those articles here in our site!

Instead, let’s get real about calories. Calories don’t talk although they can speak volumes {get it?}. Calories don’t really think {although sometimes we wonder} and they have no special agenda – certainly not a political view! They don’t give a flip {we like “flip” – it burns calories} about power or money or making a name for themselves. Let’s face it, they’re already powerful, everyone knows their name, who they are and their claim to fame, and in one way or another they help generate income for someone, somewhere!

With that said, let me ask you this – have you ever seen a calorie? What? Neither have we! Not really. What we DO see is where a calorie resides … in the “stuff” we consume. Calories are found in food and drinks {some drinks – obviously not plain water} and they’re described differently based on the type of food where they hang out. Interesting! Did you know that calories reside or live in healthy food? In UNhealthy food they hide out or conceal themselves! Have you ever seen a calorie sneak around? They DO! They creep into unsuspecting food items to confuse you. Not intentionally of course, it’s just their nature – and they’ve got a willing accomplice in the money-grubbing food industry!

Another weird thing about calories! Apparently, they’re masters of disguise. A small alcoholic drink is crammed full of them, but just a few calories can reside in green, or brightly-colored, raw, crunchy, plain-looking foods that can easily be overlooked by many, and repelled by some! Yet hundreds more calories can squeeze themselves into foods that are soft, smooth, sugary, gooey and yummy-looking {darn}. That’s how they seduce us to eat them, so we get fat and crave more! Is that fair? So while we don’t ‘see’ a calorie, their effect on us is visible, good or bad. Kind of like the wind! We don’t actually see the wind itself, we see the result of it’s activity, good if it’s a gentle breeze on a hot summer’s day, horrific if it’s hurricane strength.

Make Every Calorie Count

one bad mealYes, calories do count in the big scheme of things, even with the variations, exceptions and differences of opinion. Let’s give a simple example. If all is equal, meaning you exercise as usual, you consume the same number of calories daily to keep your weight static, and you change up one thing, one day or two days, it’s not going to make much difference.

However, if you make one small change and continue it for a year, just look at the difference it can make to your weight over time: let’s say you have a protein shake for breakfast every day made with one cup of non-fat milk. All else remains the same – your activity level, and the rest of your day’s food intake doesn’t change, but you switch from the non-fat milk to the low fat variety. Not a big deal right? Only 40 calories more won’t matter! Or will it? 40 calories a day EXTRA multiplied by 365 days in the year is 14,600 calories or the same as 4.17 pounds of weight gained. Not too bad you say! Seriously? Over ten years that’s a weight gain of almost 42 pounds – and we all know how fast 10 years slips by. Oh yes – the reverse is also true – if you switch from the low fat milk to the non-fat variety you could LOSE by that amount 🙂

Calories DO count, but WE individuals are in control of our health and our size! Bottom line? We don’t advocate you obsess over calories! We aren’t even suggesting you count every calorie, just be aware of what you choose to put in your mouth – and make each calorie count!

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