Garlic! Can it Help Ward Off Colds and Flu?


 An Age-Old


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It’s only October and already the common colds and flu viruses are circling where we live – in Austin TX – and these miserable invaders are claiming victims!! What’s happening in your area?

Prescription Drugs Are Relatively “Newcomers”!

Did you know that modern ” prescription drugs” have really only been around for about 100 years? {The discovery of penicillin is attributed to Scottish scientist and Nobel laureate Alexander Fleming in 1928} How time flies! And just look at us now! A drug for this, a drug for that, and while many have their place in modern medicine and are life-savers, pretty much ALL drugs have side effects ….. side effects you don’t want!!

Herbal Remedies Have Existed for Centuries

In contrast, natural herbal remedies for health ailments have existed for CENTURIES! Think about the recipes and suggestions your Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers recommended to help prevent or aid many health issues. The good news about natural remedies passed down through the ages is that they rarely have any bad side effects – and in fact CAN provide additional side BENEFITS!

But Are They Effective?

Let’s take a look at a natural remedy to ward of colds and flu! Garlic. For years, people have relied on garlic to thwart the cold and flu viruses. Now there’s proof that this age-old remedy is a wonderful defense!

According to Prevention Magazine: “In a British study, volunteers who took a daily 180 mg allicin supplement caught 63% fewer colds over 12 weeks than those taking a placebo.”

So here at GetSuperHealthy, we make sure we include raw garlic in our diet whenever possible. Immunity-boosting components of garlic {allicin} are destroyed when exposed to high heat, so if you’re adding garlic to cooked meals, do it towards the end of the cooking time!

Think Bruschetta! Raw garlic chopped up with tomatoes, basil, salt and pepper, a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar is so yummy on toasted sour dough bread. A fun way to get RAW garlic!

Take Garlic Supplements ~ Nutritional Insurance

Then, to INSURE you’re getting the FULL immunity-boosting effect, take Garlic supplements. We recommend our brand partner’s garlic supplement as we know that the allicin is intact and readilyGarlic available to be effective, since the supplements are never exposed to high heat process.   TWO Garlic Tablets daily. Two of them will supply what you need to help with protection against colds and flu! The tablets are so easy to swallow … and guess what?  NO ODOR!!  Best of all, garlic is an amazing herb that addresses many health conditions.  Garlic contains natural anti-biotic properties, helps retain normal blood pressure, and also promotes cardiovascular health.*

{There you go – that’s what I’m talking about – you get bonus BENEFITS!}

This is the season to reach for Shaklee Garlic! Get some today and take two every day! The large bottle contains 240 tablets – enough for one person for a FOUR month supply and works out to be less than $11 a month!  Join as a Shaklee Member and it’s even LESS!!

Natural protection at a bargain price!





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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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