Eat Your Way to Health and Beauty

5 Sizzling-Hot Health and Beauty Secrets for the Coolest Summer!

#5 >>> Eat Your Way to Health and Beauty
45900973_sWhat’s the secret to vibrant summer health and radiant beauty?

This week in our 5-part series we’ve shared dozens of health and beauty tips to thrive through the summer months! We’ve conveyed how to stay hydrated and sunproof yourself. We’ve covered secrets to gorgeous hair and beautiful skin and now it’s time to finish our series with one of the most important topics of all … the FOOD you eat!

You are what you eat!48196530_s

The big question is WHAT and HOW are you eating? During a nutrition consultation with a client, she responded humorously to my comment “you are the by product of what you eat” with “Well that means I’m a donut, because that’s what I love to eat mostly!”  Seriously? Yes, it really happened 🙂 

Haha! It’s funny … but not really!

A daily diet of donuts is not a healthy choice … not in the short term and certainly not in the long term. These types of “foods” may taste good for an instant, but a steady diet of high carbohydrate, sugar laden foods wreak havoc with your blood sugar which messes with your energy level, increases the percentage of body fat, and over time can place you at risk for a number of life threatening {and preventable} diseases.  And we haven’t yet mentioned how donuts etc. affect the quality of skin and hair cells … in an unpleasant way! Who wants frail, dull thinning hair or splotchy wrinkly dry skin?

How do you eat your way to health and beauty this summer?

It’s a lot of common sense really. Most of us know what we must do to eat clean. Then add in a dose of discipline {determination} to follow through on those good choices and you will SEE and FEEL the difference … a measurable difference.  You will look radiant and feel vibrant. Others will see it too! How can they miss it? You’ll be the one with the glow … the one with the effervescent sparkle and energy that gives the energizer bunny a run for its battery! 

42750188_sThe foundation for healthy energy, vitality AND beautiful skin and hair is all about the quality of nutrition that goes INTO your body to build, repair and nourish those cells:

  • Adequate fluids {hydration}
  • High quality protein {lean, high quality animal and vegetable proteins}
  • Complex carbohydrates {organic fruits and vegetable + whole grains}
  • Healthy fatty acids {you’ll find these in avocados, salmon, olive oil and omegas}

For more detailed information on healthy clean eating you may enjoy this post:
Color Me Healthy

There’s more than one way to exercise for health

Daily physical exercise is a MUST for both health and beauty {all forms of exercise  … cardio, strengthening and stretching}, but in terms of nutrition here are a few helpful exercises with maximum health benefits:

  • Push away from the table before you overeat
  • Skip over high calorie alcoholic drinks and sugary sodas … choose sparkling water
  • Jump through hoops to load up your plate with seasonal fruits and veggies
  • Pull up a chair next to your healthy friend for moral support
  • Stretch past the heavy duty dip and grab hummus to spice up your raw veggies
  • Exercise restraint at those summer picnic tables {salty fatty foods like chips}
  • Exercise control over portion size … no super sizing your plate!
  • Exercise your right to say “no” to those folks who would sabotage your efforts

Do you think health and beauty are one and the same?

To some this concept may sound very odd but to others may make sense. In our world today the perception of beauty is often misconstrued as superficial appearance. Here’s an example:

A beautiful young woman with the perfect shape, straight white teeth, stylish hair and skillful make-up. She looks great … on the surface.

 As you know, outward appearances are deceptive. In reality, she feels old and tired, stresses over every wrinkle, she’s never happy with her figure so she’s constantly on and off fad diets and consequently her healthy is declining … so she’s often sick. That flashy white smile is covering up a lack of internal joy, her hair is over-processed … she’s noticing a lot more of it in her comb, that skillful make-up is disguising splotchy skin and her obsession with outward appearance has stolen her God-given natural beauty. In a few years she will look and feel old prematurely.

So here’s what we think: health and beauty are NOT always one and the same. You can be healthy and look naturally beautiful. It’s very hard to be beautiful inside and out if you’re not healthy. You can cover it up for a while but sooner or later the disguise falls away. Make good health your #1 priority and beauty will radiate from within.

naturalhealthbeautyThe same nutrients address both health and beauty

Health and beauty definitely share something in common though! The same wonderful nutrients feed both internal health and external health. That makes it simple doesn’t it? No complicated ideas here.

So go ahead and exercise, eat healthy, stay hydrated, protect your skin AND supplement with natural food supplements to fill in the gapsFor the why, what and how to supplement, we think you’ll enjoy Reasons to Supplement

Be sure to read and heed to all five posts in this series,
then the question to answer is: What will you do about it?


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