Doesn’t Every Woman Love to Sparkle?

Doesn’t Every Woman Love to Sparkle?

Join me as we spark some imagination here!

Have you ever thought about “Sparkle!” in relation to the way you look and feel? If I were to ask you if you “Sparkle!”  what would you reply? A quick “Yes! I sparkle!” Or would you hesitate, not knowing what I meant? 

Sparkle can mean so many things, right?

A whole lot of “bling” might immediately come to mind – shiny rhinestones or sparkles sewn into your clothing, or diamond rings, a cubic zirconia bracelet! Maybe you’re thinking of a different sparkle – champagne anyone? Perhaps gleaming crystal or silverware? Let your imagination run wild and you can conjure up many images of “sparkle” –  from the ocean to the stars – and everything on the way!

But I’m thinking of a very different kind of sparkle …. natural radiance for a lifetime. It’s what each of us women wants to have – always – are you with me ladies? Do you feel the same way? Great! We understand each other then.

To me, sparkle transcends size and age! 

Have you ever met a slim, toned woman who seemed to have no zest, no pizzazz at all? Then next to her is an amazing woman, overweight and not really in shape, but positively radiating a magnetic glow? Meet SPARKLE!!   It’s not about age either! I’ve met some elderly women who had so much sparkle they lit up a room! I’ve also known some young women who were as dull as ditchwater – with NO sparkle! And the reverse is true of course.  I was “that” woman – at age 36 I was a slim, toned, young but dull woman with no sparkle!

So what is Sparkle?

Personally I believe it starts with attitude….a good positive one naturally! But that alone doesn’t do it! It’s also about looking and feeling as healthy as you can be. Being filled with a natural energy. A zest for life! Glowing, radiant skin, a twinkle in the eye and a passion for life that cannot be denied.

Have you ever felt you lost your sparkle?

I have! I was in my mid-thirties and in pretty good shape – meaning I wasn’t overweight or out of shape!  But I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t healthy! In fact I was unhealthy … and worse still my hair was dull, my skin had no glow and I had zero energy!   I fell asleep on the couch at 8:00 pm and dragged my tired aching body out of bed in the morning out of obligation to get breakfast for my 3 kids, not because I had a compulsion to leap out of bed with energy to start my fantastic day!  What fantastic day?  I hated my job, I was stressed all the time, and worried about my declining health!  What sparkle? It had got up and gone – leaving behind a dull, washed-out dish rag of a woman and boring wife and an irritable Mom! You can understand how looking and feeling crappy would beat down your self esteem, your confidence and steal your pizzazz. Anyone relate?

I loved getting my sparkle back!

It changed sparklewhereeverme and changed my world and I never want to lose it again! So you’re wondering what did I do to recapture my radiance – my sparkle? A friend introduced me to a couple of nutrition products that guaranteed I’d feel better in 30 days or my money back.  I went all in! Yes pleeeze, let me try that on for size! I couldn’t believe how well those products worked. I dumped all my other vitamins that had never made me feel any different!

In 30 days, I had energy to spare!

And I got 3 more hours in  my day! Wow! How does one do that?  Well let’s just say instead of falling asleep in front of TV at 8:00 pm, I could stay up until 11:00 pm, so I used that extra time for whatever I wanted to do. When I did sleep, I slept soundly and was ready to jump out of bed to start the day.  I was happier and began to feel like my REAL self again! My hair was starting to thicken and shine, my skin cleared up, my nails were growing long and I understood the meaning of the word HEALTHY again!  I laughed more, felt good about myself and my confidence returned. My friends described me as vibrant and fun to be with.  Ah yes!  My sparkle was back!

Want to learn what helped me? 

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