Do Well

Reasons to Join Us

Dedication and Commitment:

We are 100% dedicated to helping our team of business partners succeed in attaining THEIR dreams. We teach, train and mentor entrepreneurial-minded individuals (and couples) via events, weekly coaching calls, conference calls, webinars and 3-way calls.

Simple Hi-Touch, Hi-Tech Process:

We have implemented a high-touch, hi-tech proven success system that emphasizes simple fundamentals to attain fast growth, while building sustainable businesses – regardless of the inevitable highs and lows in the economy.

Calling All Generations! Boomers, Gen-X’ers and Millenial’s

We Bridge the Generation Gap

Boomers, Gen-X’ers and Millenial’s all find it easy to connect with us on a personal level, regardless of birth date! Perhaps it’s because we are so inspired by our leaders and we welcome the ideas and talents that emerge from these multi-generational entrepreneurs.

We Love and Understand People

When all is said and done we all really want the same things – we share similar hopes and dreams in life – we just have different ways of defining and achieving them. We encourage individualism and welcome the talents each generation contributes. We can all learn from each other – no matter what our generation!

Experience and Knowledge

In the course of our journey, we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge about health and wellness, personal relationships and good business practices which help us better relate to and serve our clients, and more effectively coach and mentor our team.

One of our long-term business partners describes the relationship with our team this way: “Chuck and Anthea are passionate leaders. They encourage mutual love and respect within the Tripp Team. They walk their talk and lead by example which inspires us to perform. They believe success comes in helping others get what THEY want, so they’re dedicated to each of us in their organization.  They’ve been sincere advocates of health and wellness and loyal to Shaklee since 1981. Their past success and vision for the future inspires us to dream – and to pursue the life we imagine!”

Integrity Rules

It’s the #1 rule … it’s everything! It guides WHO you are and determines WHAT you do, how you treat others, how you live your life. If your thoughts, words and deeds are one and the same then you are in integrity with self … you can be trusted. You are then authentic.

We build relationships on a foundation of integrity and trust, because our business is a relationship business … we build people and with the right mentoring and training, it’s people who build a business. Integrity leads the way.

“Never let perceived failures deter you from pursuing
your dreams and seeking your fulfillment in life.”