Chuck’s Health Story

I’ll Never Stop Taking Shaklee Supplements


I always thought of myself as being in pretty damn good shape! Not great, but GOOD!

My Air Force career required I have an annual flight physical that was very rigorous and extensive {one I always passed with flying colors so to speak} so in my late thirties when random symptoms started showing up … like allergies, bursitis and arthritis, I began to think …. WTF?

As an Air Traffic Controller I was restricted from taking most medication since prescription drugs and many OTC medicines would not permit me to exercise my duties as a controller, in the same way a pilot would be restricted from flight duties while on meds! So mostly I endured the symptoms and tried to ignore them as best I could, but at times the allergies were so severe that I could barely see out of my swollen eyes, and the intermittent joint pain was distracting.

The Flight Surgeon ordered allergy testing and I was tested for 44 allergens. On the scale of 1 -4, 42 came back as 3 or 4 with the majority at 4 {severe}. Weekly shots were advised so I started with the allergy injections. By the end of 6 months I was up to 6 shots at one time, twice per week. The doses were increased to the point where I was having a severe reaction to the meds. The medical solution? STOP taking the shots as I was in 2% of population who could not be helped by this form of treating allergies.

The other two health issues, bursitis and arthritis went untreated as any meds would severely impair my abilities as an Air Traffic Controller.

For me a Godsend arrived in the form of Shaklee

Shaklee to the rescue! I never really believed much in vitamins so was not easy to convince me to take a food supplement, let alone believe that a mere “food” product would do what prescription meds had not. Was I ever in for a shock! The pure Shaklee Supplements, especially Alfalfa and Vitamin C, relieved my allergy symptoms AND no interference with abilities to perform my job! Amazing! Problem solved! {Still have the allergies, but very very mild symptoms!}.

Because of the supplement regimen I followed, the bursitis and arthritis began to have a decreased effect on me as well. Primarily the symptoms of pain and inflammation in my finger {arthritis} and shoulders {bursititis} began to disappear. Are you kidding me? NO I kid you not, I was dumfounded, but delighted!

P.S. I still have all three health conditions, but can enjoy an active and productive life because the pain and inflammation are gone – naturally – and NO drug side effects to contend with. I enjoy full range of motion and fully flexible, pain-free joints.

Shaklee has made that possible for me! I am a total believer – I will never be without these fantastic nutritional supplements.