Choose the Positive

Choose the Positive!

Let’s just start with a thank you to our TRIPP SHAKLEE TEAM …. and say how very grateful we are for each and every one of you who we’re proud to call our Customers, Members, Business Partners and Business Leaders, and honored to be your friends.

You all ROCK! We feel SO blessed.

One of the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G attractions about the Shaklee business, is it’s all SO positive….and is centered in GOODNESS! Think about all we have in Shaklee from health to wealth, from purpose to joy …. and everything in between.

We offer people solutions to many of the problems of life today!

Just be prepared that every once in a very rare while, you will encounter someone who epitomizes the statement in the graphic! 

positveFor every solution you propose, they counter back with a problem.

You cannot help people who insist and persist in doing that …. until THEY choose to change their perspective. Inspire them to expand their abundance, success and love. We’re called to encourage one another.  If they’re not receptive, ALWAYS remain positive yourself!

Seek out positive people.

Work with the positive. Avoid the negative.

Team up with the willing. Let go of the resistant!

So many incredibly positive, wonderful people in the world. Seek them out, and partner with those who share the same values, are inherently positive and love to shine their light on the world.

Many healthy blessings


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