Building the Body You Want Takes Work!

The Results are Worth the Effort


You’ve decided to re-shape your body? Now what?

Who wouldn’t want to be more toned, more defined, look more attractive in clothes and feel their fantastic best? Let’s think about this for a moment! Let’s say you’ve decided to go for it {yes please DO IT!} so you’ve set the goal to trim down and tone up. Now that’s the goal {the destination if you will} but where you need to focus is on the “now what?” {the process or journey} of what to do to get there! Let’s face it, you won’t wish your way into a re-shaped body, you’ll WORK your way into it, one dedicated workout and one meal at a time. One day at a time.

Where to start?

Set the goal, get determined, picture your new toned body, and then write out your plan. How many times a week will you train? What exercises will you do? How much cardio will you commit to? Will you do your cardio in the gym, or outside in your neighborhood? Will you hire a trainer? {I would recommend it!} I’ve had several trainers over the years and they all were amazing and not only taught me correct technique to avoid injury, but challenged me, kept me accountable and became good friends. But whether you have a personal trainer or not, you must be committed – and that starts inside you!

What You Need to Know

Create the right mind set! Its important to realize that “if it is to be it’s up to me!” It’s also critical that you go into this recognizing that training to build a new shape is work – and takes patience. Fun work, but nonetheless work! EFFORT!!! LIFT! SWEAT! SMILE! REPEAT! Your physical strength and mental toughness will be tested! You will get sore muscles {feel pain} you will be fatigued and emotionally challenged at times and you will be frustrated that you’re not seeing results fast enough! You may even consider giving up. You may think about settling – for the body you have. DON’T GIVE UP and DON’T GIVE IN! Keep going and over time, you will see amazing results. Take a break – recuperate and get right back in the game! Maybe you need a workout buddy to help keep you accountable! DO IT! Whatever effort it takes, do the work, because the pay off is WORTH IT! Worth it for the way you’ll look and feel, worth it for your health and your confidence.

A Critical Element Often Overlooked

You’ve heard the statement that abs are built in the kitchen? Great food for thought, so think seriously about this! You’ve seen the pictures and slogans on FB depicting this message? Good! Believe it. “You are what you eat” is not just a cute slogan! It is REAL! At least 70-80% of your success in building this new hard body will come from the food {and fuel} you choose to put {or not put} in your mouth. So along with your dedicated workout routine in the gym, you MUST get serious about clean eating and natural food supplements.

Although we personally workout and adhere to a strict training regimen ourselves, we are not fitness trainers, so you’ll need to seek that coaching from a trained professional, but what we DO offer is 30 years of expertise and experience in the arena of nutrition, sports nutrition and food supplements. Here’s what we bring to the fitness table …. the {often} missing link …. nutrition programs that maximize and accelerate your success:

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so make it count. DECIDE! Commit to build that body you want. Yes it takes work! And yes it means eating clean and adding smart supplementation, but the results are worth it.

DO IT! Your Body Will Thank You!
We’re Here to Help!

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