Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

Real Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake


November is here and the official Holiday Season began with the tricks and treats of Halloween. Somehow it doesn’t yet feel like Fall here in Texas with the summer temperatures we’re having … but the pumpkins are out in full force and we’re happy to bring you some healthy Fall treats over the next couple of weeks, to help get you in the mood for the holidays.


Here’s a healthy shake, filled with yummy goodness:

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

8 oz low-fat milk or almond milk
1 oz cold water
1/3 cup organic pumpkin
3 T Vanilla Energizing Soy or 2 scoops Life Shake Vanilla
1/2 t Pumpkin Pie Spice
1/4 t natural vanilla

Place all ingredients in a blender and buzz for 60 seconds!! Pour into a glass and add these options!

Squirt of real whipped cream
Sprinkle of Pumpkin Pie Spice



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Natural Medicine Cabinet

The Natural Medicine Cabinet

Do you know that there are natural solutions to many of the acute and chronic health issues that plague families today?  We’re talking about herbal solutions and food-based nutritional supplements that work effectively, safely …. and naturally.  Hey listen!  Optional product choices really DO exist.

Now you can replace those over-the-counter and prescription
medicines with products containing safer, natural ingredients


There’s a healthy alternative to the traditional medicine cabinet

We’re so excited to share with you what our family has discovered and what we’ve used and advocated for more than 30 years! Let me emphasize that I believe there are times when traditional medicine is essential, so I’m not denouncing those times.  What I AM saying is that too often people reach for a drug when a safer natural alternative could help the ailment.    

Wondering Where to Start?

Well that’s really up to you. You can buy the natural replacement as you finish up each over-the-counter existing remedy, or you can purchase a group to address specific needs, or you could do a complete swap out in preparation for the weeks ahead and the accompanying colds, flu’s, viruses and other sickness.

Maybe it will help you decide if we describe what the wonderful products {showcased above in our Natural Medicine Cabinet} can do for your health challenges … and what over-the-counter medicines they replace.  

Allergy Relief & Sinus Support
Instead of allergy medicines that contain Pseudoephedrine and other drugs that can cause isde effects like drowsiness, consider trying natural herbal products like these below that produce consistent relief of symptoms and feed the immune system

  • Alfalfa Complex is a natural antihistamine and absolutely phenomenal at helping deal with allergies, specifically, seasonal allergies.
  • Nutriferon promotes natural interferon production, our most powerful front line of defense for the immune system. 
  • Immunity Formula I is an overall immune boosting product that stimulates cells to produce antibodies and can be taken when already sick and in dealing with allergies as it helps build the immune system.

Colds, Flu, Virus & Immune Support
It’s the time of year when viral infections like colds and flu are circulating. Yes you could run down to the local drug store and pick up cold or flu medicines to ease your symptoms, should you come down with something, but why do that when you could have access to products that build your natural immunity, ease the symptoms, reduce the severity of an attack or prevent one in the first place? The following are a MUST in our family.  We never chance running out of them!! 

  • Vitamin D 3: For general immune support. Vitamin D plays a major role in protecting your health and is vital for overall well-being to help your body thrive.*
  • Nutriferon: Daily immune support to help proper immune function NutriFeron® is an exclusive, patented formula that provides a proprietary blend of four plant extracts designed to naturally increase interferon. Scientists and medical communities have identified interferon as being crucial to healthy immune function.
           – Provides immune support at the cellular level*
           – Designed to naturally increase levels of interferon*  
  • Vitalized Immunity: Refreshing immunity support ideal for everyday or as a blast of immune support. Delicious effervescent formula
           – Includes an exclusive formulation of 19 vitamins and mineral
           – A proprietary herbal blend
           – Naturally sweetened with monk fruit
           – Contains as much vitamin C as 16 oranges
           – More natural than a leading brand
  • Immunity Formula I: Overall immune boosting product that stimulates cells to produce antibodies and can be taken when already sick or in dealing with allergies to help build the immune system.
  • Defend and Resist: Herbal formula to bolster immunity at first tickle!  Swallow, chew, or drink it dissolved in hot water as a tea.
           – Stimulates the body’s natural resistance* — with Echinacea
           – Maintains a healthy immune response* — with Black Elderberry
           – Enhances immune support* — with Larch Tree
           – Provides Zinc — important for proper immune function.*


  • Garlic Complex: Nature’s strongest natural antibiotic!
            – Historically, has been used for congestion, asthma and sinusitis
           – Also for allergies, colds, flu, pneumonia, sore throats and bronchitis.
           – Garlic has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties – effective against yeast.        – Can be taken daily for prevention and increased when symptoms appear.

Electrolyte and Hydration Support

A more natural choice than Gatorade or Pedialyte! For 6477625 - the glass of orange juice isolated, on the whitetimes where you or any family member experiences sickness from colds, flu, viruses, intestinal upsets or fever. Replaces valuable electrolytes lost to sweating and fighting illness. Prevents dehydration. Natural orange or lemon/lime flavoring.  When added to water, this powder dissolves easily into a delicious healthy alternative to sugary sweet drinks. 

  • Helps the body utilize water for correct hydration of the cells
  • Superior hydration, balances the body’s natural thirst mechanisms with body’s need for fluids

Digestive Support

  • Chewable Cal/Mag: This product is very effective in relieving discomfort and symptoms of heartburn, gas and bloating due to stomach acid.
    Trivia: At one time this product was also sold by Shaklee as an antacid called “Shaklee Relief”! Same formula!!
  • Stomach Soothing Complex: This 4-herb complex is very effective at calming upsets of the stomach such as nausea, indigestion, heartburn, ulcers, intestinal ailments, digestive disorders, and gaas.  Helps relieve spasms, morning sickness and motion sickness.  Swallow 2-4 tablets or make a soothing hot tea
           – Peppermint and ginger provide stomach soothing effects*
           – Great for travelers who get queasy stomachs in a car, boat, or airplane.
  • E Z Gest: A unique combination of plant-based enzymes toreliece symptoms of gas, bloating and the feelikng of fujllness.  Aids in the digestion of dairy, proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates. Helps with lactose intolerance, or a frequent use of antacids. Take one capsule immediately before a meal or as needed when symptoms arise. It can be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Optiflora ProbioticResearch shows that regular dietary intake of beneficial microflora ia essential to maintain their high levels. Optiflora offers a safe and natural way to supplement the diet with beneficial microorganisms naturally found in the gastrointestinal tract.* 
           – Optiflora probiotic is a unique, seamless capsule that is guaranteed to                       withstand the acidic environment of the stomach.
           – This capsule delivers live beneficial microflora to the intestine.                                     Bifidobacterium longum
           – Bifidobacteria constitute up to 25% of the total bacterial population of                       healthy adults, and up to 95% in newborn babies.
          – Lactobacillus acidophilus—Lactobacilli species have been used to ferment                  dairy products throughout history and are common inhabitants of the                        intestinal microflora, usually found higher in the gastrointestinal tract than                bifidobacteria.

Healthy Cleanse – Simple Detoxification:

Four great products work together with a supporting diet plan to help you get a clean start internally. Naturally and gently cleanses the body 4 ways resulting in increased energy and feeling healthier in 7 days. Designed to support healthy digestion, jump-start weight loss, increase focus and energy, help with hunger management and improve sleep quality. 

  • Optiflora Probiotic Capsules: helps promote healthy intestinal activity and good digestive health
  • Liver DTX Complex: helps maintain normal liver function. Key ingredients help maintain bile flow, an integral part of digestion and protect the liver from toxins
  • Alfalfa Complex: helps provide a wide variety of nutrients including calcium, vitamins, chlorophyll, phosphorous and bioflavonoids.
  • Herb Lax: encourages a mild cleansing action to aid the body’s natural processes.

Click here for more information on this Healthy Cleanse 4-product combination

Sleep Support

Nothing worse that being dead tired and you get into bed and can’t sleep. For those times you’re tossing and turning …. 

Gentle Sleep Complex: Turn to this natural gentle sleep complex that promotes a calm, restful state so you can drift off to sleep.
       – Gentle Sleep Complex* combines a unique Shaklee combination of passion                   flower, German chamomile, and valerian.

       – Valerian has been used safely and traditionally to promote restful sleep.Key                   ingredients help promote relaxation and maintain a calm state*
       – Swallow 3 tablets or crush and mix as a tea.

Herbal Blend Multipurpose Cream

Are you looking for a topical cream to help with multiple skin ailments?  Dr. Shaklee originally called this product “Foot Cream”, but within the Shaklee user community it became known as “The Three F Cream”  (foot, face and fanny) due to its many uses! Now it’s know as Herbal Blend Multi Purpose Cream. This cooling mentholated formula is enriched with natural extracts, including rosemary, chamomile, corn oil, and salvia to nourish stressed skin.  One product with multiple natural uses.

  • Rashes (diaper, poison ivy and oak)
  • Detergent burns
  • Chapped skin
  • Athletes foot
  • Aching muscles
  • Insect bites
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Chafing
  • Poison ivy and oak
  • Acne
  • Dandruff/itchy scalp
  • Cracked fingertips, heels and callouses

Joint and Muscle Pain Support

When you experience tired, sore, achy muscles and joints from overexertion reach for these natural remedies that are proven to work WITH the body to relieve pain.

  • Joint and Muscle Pain CreamJoint & Muscle Pain Cream provides temporary relief of minor joint and muscle pain in minutes.
    – Deeply penetrates and soothes in minutes to target arthritis pain, backaches,           sore muscle, sports injuries and more.
    – This non-greasy, menthol formula enables fast absorption and provides                   prolonged release action to affected areas.
    – Effective and easy to use. Don’t leave home without it!
  • Pain Relief ComplexPain Relief Complex* is a patent-pending blend of natural plant extracts that provides relief, often within just a few weeks.
    – Relieves pain and discomfort caused by occasional overexertion*
    – Promotes flexibility and comfortable movement after exercise*
    – Features a patent-pending combination of clinically proven Boswellia                       serrata* extract and proprietary, patent-pending safflower extract for                       natural pain relief for occasionally overworked joints*
    – Is gentle on the stomach

Natural Vitamin Water
When you feel that tickle coming on, or feel under the weather or suspect you’ve been exposed to someone who’s sick, mix up a powerful combination of all-natural nutrients in your blender with filtered water.
Click here for our favorite recipe







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